Far-Left Activist Ibram Kendi, ‘Leading Thinker’ of Critical Race Theory, to Speak at Teachers’ Union Conference

by Eric Lendrum


On Wednesday, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will be hosting one of the most far-left activists in America at their biennial conference, for the purpose of promoting Critical Race Theory, Breitbart reports.

Ibram Kendi, the author of numerous books that fuel racial division such as “How to be an Antiracist” and “Antiracist Baby,” will be a featured speaker at AFT’s Together Educating America’s Children (TEACH) conference. Other speakers who will appear during the five-day conference include Jill Biden, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and the Deputy Secretary of the Education Department Cindy Marten.

The speaking slot marks only the latest indication that Kendi and his writings have become firmly ingrained in the nation’s public education system. As one of the leading proponents of Critical Race Theory – the far-left and debunked notion that all White people are automatically racist and that America is an inherently racist and evil nation – Kendi’s works have become recommended reading in several branches of the United States military, as well as by the Department of Education.

One of the earliest speeches of the conference was given by AFT’s president Randi Weingarten, who claimed that teachers will face an even more difficult year in 2021 than in 2020.

“It won’t be easy, and some people will try to make it harder,” Weingarten said in her remarks. “Like those who have disparaged educators, scapegoated our unions, and blamed us for things outside our control, like school closures caused by a pandemic.” The latter assertion is false, as it has been well-documented that teachers’ unions were, in fact, widely responsible for prolonged closures due to frequent strikes and lists of impossible demands of school districts before they would return to work. Such tactics, seen in cities and states across the country, significantly prolonged the return to in-person learning and continued students’ reliance on the ineffective method of virtual learning.

Weingarten then went on to defend Critical Race Theory, declaring that “our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history…Teaching the truth is not radical or wrong. Distorting history and threatening educators for teaching the truth is what is truly radical and wrong.” However, she then falsely claimed that “Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary schools or high schools,” but is instead, allegedly, “a method of examination taught in law school and college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists.”

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Ibram Kendi” by Ibram Kendi.






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2 Thoughts to “Far-Left Activist Ibram Kendi, ‘Leading Thinker’ of Critical Race Theory, to Speak at Teachers’ Union Conference”

  1. Karen

    CRT=Cultural Marxism and as usual the Marxists use the minorities to push forward their agenda. When they succeed the minorities will be the first to be crushed. It is called “useful idiots.” They will be the first to see they were deceived so they must be the first to be destroyed. Our kids cannot read but they sure are learning a lot about hate and perversion. There is only one hope for the future and that is to do whatever it takes to get your kids OUT of the system while we still can because eventually they will be after the destruction of home school. When they say EVERY CHILD they mean EVERY CHILD. And Charters are not the answer. They are past of the problem. They are a false choice which provides choice of location but no choice when it comes to education. They ARE public schools. Many private schools are not the answer either. Vouchers are the funding mechanism to destroy private and religious schools. What the government funds the government eventually controls. So the real choices are limited but if you don’t make the sacrifice now you will only have yourself to blame.

  2. nicky wicks

    race huckster.

    like jesse jackson and al sharpton.

    wonder if they are his mentors.