Democrats Move to Adopt China-Style ‘Social Credit Score’


Chairwoman Maxine Waters and Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee are considering a dramatic overhaul of the credit reporting system within the United States.

The legislation, the Comprehensive CREDIT Act and the Protecting Your Credit Score Act of 2021, was passed out of committee before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The bills were previously introduced by a member of the Democratic “squad” and would implement a new system — similar to that of China.

“Good credit is a gateway to wealth. Yet, for far too long, our credit reporting system has kept people of color and low-income persons from access to capital to start a small business; access to mortgage loans to become homeowners; and access to credit to meet financial emergencies,” Waters argued in a recent committee hearing.

As a condition of the overhaul, sections of the credit score reporting industry would be taken over and run by the federal government — a mass expansion of the role the government currently plays in the sector. Waters said her goal is to make credit reporting “less racist.”

Further, Waters hosted the counsel for the National Consumer Law Center, Chi Chi Wu, in a recent committee hearing. Wu fiercely advocated for the change of the system. Wu said the shift “would be a major upgrade over today’s broken, biased credit reporting system.”

In line with the desired changes, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some banks have “issued credit cards to people with no credit scores.”

Many opponents argue that the move to overhaul the credit system is another step in the leftward march of Democratic House members. For example, among many other developments, House Democrats have supported a push to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for military service members after low vaccination rates.

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Photo “Rep. Maxine Waters” by Rep. Maxine Waters.


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25 Thoughts to “Democrats Move to Adopt China-Style ‘Social Credit Score’”

  1. Portia

    I just read the entire Comprehensive CREDIT Act and the Protecting Your Credit Score Act of 2021. The last paragraph: “—The Comptroller General of the United States shall carry out a study on the feasibility and means of consumer reporting agencies replacing the use of social security numbers as identifiers with another type of Federal identification. ”

    This will not likely be another number.

  2. Ramona Rudis

    Banks are in it to make money, duh, you have good credit you get a better rate. It’s about risk. Kinda just math, which the left does not recognize.

  3. Julie Anderson

    I don’t know about the racist part, but being lower income and unable to qualify for a loan does suck. I manage to pay my rent every month without a problem and it is higher than s morgage would be if I could get one for a place the same size as I’m currently renting. If there is something that can be done to lessen restrictions based on proven ability to cover rent, I say let’s do it

    1. Kathy

      I wanted to refinance something that I could actually pay off in cash. The banks even run me through the ringer repeatedly to refi. After the 2008 debacle where they were forced to give loans to people who could obviously not make the payments, they are being extremely careful. Cannot say that I blame them.

    2. Na

      I feel like anything that allows the government more control is a horrible idea! Your landlord should report your good standing to the credit reporting agencies and that will bring your credit score up. Maybe we need to put something in place that requires landlords and utilities to report that. Seems like currently it’s just bank loans, credit cards, car loans etc. that report. Hard to get one of those due to lack of credit.

  4. Old White Guy

    I am going to break the rules and give you all some of my white privilege, I could get into a lot of trouble for this.

    Well here it is – PAY YOUR BILLS!!!

    Your Welcome
    Old White Guy

  5. Jimmy Bacon

    Why is everything we are doing nowadays in America have to be about racism. What is this world coming too. I am a Democrat and I say give our nation back to the Republicans. I swear, the Democrats are in the process of tearing our nation apart. I’m 67 years old and don’t have much time left because of my health. Death seems to be the only way out of the pride I have in this nation. So sad 😞.

    1. Annette

      Jimmy – go to “The New Discourses” website or read the books “Cynical Theories” by James Lindsay or “The Elect” by John Mcwhorter. Then you will understand the neo-racist agenda of the Democrats.

    2. anonymous souls

      Its’s simple. When the wokeists divide us, they stand to gain more power. Drive people into poverty, while promising them “Equity”. Take away the need for personal responsibility, and you make anyone not suffering the consequences of poor choices the enemy. Then give that enemy a face – be it race (Caucasian) religion (Christian), political stance (conservative), or economic status (the middle class).

      Wokeists/Marxists/Socialists want only two things – more power, and absolute subservience of those who oppose them.

      In other words, this is Bolshevik Revolution on steroids.

  6. Clinton Thomas

    Our current credit program is equal to everyone. However you must work hard to establish good credit ratings. It is each and everyones responsibility work toward that goal. It is not justifiable to give free credit to someone that is not willing to apply themselves. NO MATTER THEIR COLOR. To use the race card as a crutch is totally unacceptable, period! EVERYONE in the UNITED STATES HAS ALL THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES , JUST DEPENDS ON HOW YOU APPLY YOURSELF.

    1. Stephen Melton

      This has NOTHING to do with credit scores. It has EVERYTHING to do with shoving Socialism, Marxism and Communism down America’s throat. Biden worships the CCP and gets on his knees for xingxing “what’s his name” everytime he reaches for his zipper.

  7. Sharon ledbetter

    This is the dems problem, let the people with bad credit have a home . The housing market blue up before because of bill Clinton and his same idea . He relaxed the loaning of money to include people with bad or not so good credit and job history . It resulted in massive foreclosure s the people with bad credit and job history will not sustain a monthly mortgage. Go right ahead and people like me will gladly pick up homes for 28k when it collapses

    1. Ramona Rudis

      Everyone deserves a home!!!

      1. S Williams

        But the social credit system takes ownership away from individuals. The left are determined to do away with all private ownership, to make everything belong to the system. The idea of equity is to make everyone have equal outcomes regardless of input and effort. Only way to do that is give everything to the great dictator and let them distribute it. Of course, then there will be nothing to distribute.

  8. Ron

    There’s a special place in hell for these people who seek to control EVERY aspect of our lives and turn every citizen against every citizen so they can declare the United States Constitution null and void thus creating their Utopian Totalitarian State.

    There are plenty of useful idiots who have bought into this scheme. Don’t you be one of them.

  9. none o urbusiness

    What a buffoon that cultural appropriating idjit is! And then, when the companies providing credit to people who don’t pay their bills – which is why they don’t HAVE good credit ratings – then they’ll have the rest of us pay it back… just like stud3nt loans and now child cr3dit payments for people who chose to have kids they can’t support!!!

    1. Daniel Rosario

      100% Facts!!

  10. H Jerome Titshaw Jr

    We are living in a world 180 degrees out of sync with any reality. Insanity on a grand scale. Insane psychopaths, completely stunted in cognitive ability hired, appointed and elected to be in charge. When you have the inmates running the asylums at every level, this is what you get. Mainstream Media, Education, and every Department in Government are now hell bent to establish complete tyranny in this nation. Law for thee but not for me. Worse than double standards is no standard for anything except the latest lunatic notion to be brought forward to control the masses. Covid Plandemic, Chinese Credit Score, Teach False History, Critical Race Theory. Social Media providing the censoring, cancelling and doxxing providing the government with not plausible deniability. Orders don’t have to be given when all the brains are corrupted with the same poisons that never actually make anything better for anyone. (with the exception of the elites who proudly bring the misery forward and tell you how “good” it really is…)

    1. Mindurbiz

      You ain’t lying.

  11. LM

    Many times credit is obtained without an in person meeting. So…do creditors have ESP now , where they can tell a person’s race without meeting them? Go ahead Maxine – make loans to millions of people who can’t / won’t pay it back. Only you need to let them borrow your money – not taxpayers’. Idiots.

    1. John

      Maxine Waters is a piece of fucking shit she shouldn’t be in office she’s nothing but a troublemaker she shouldn’t be a US representative

  12. Lisa

    Another example of marching to Marxism and communism

  13. Randy

    They really are that stupid.

    1. Richard H Burns

      This is the type of social thinking crap that caused the housing loan bubble that burst when lenders were encouraged, practically forced by a liberal leaning US government, to make home loans to people who didn’t qualify and eventually defaulted on their loans, causing the housing loan bubble collapse of recent memory!

      1. Weenie

        This is exactly how they roll. They have bankers, Wall Street. Solar energy all get involved with their dirty work & when it fails they cover up make excuses & it all goes away because the middle class will always bail them out with taxes. I’m really tired of this bullshit