Carol Swain Says Facebook Has Shadow Banned Her Politically Conservative Posts


Carol Swain said Facebook staff members shadow banned her last week and restricted her from communicating her ideas to her more than 77,000 of her social media followers.

“Shadow banning” occurs when someone posts something and that same person can see what he or she published on a social media network. No other person, however, can see or respond to the post. Swain said she saw her published posts and asked her friends if they also saw what she posted. They did not.

Swain, a public figure who ran for mayor of Nashville, appears frequently on FOX News.

The shadow banning persisted for about seven days, Swain said.

“Clearly they are doing something to suppress the reach of conservatives, and I am on their radar screen right now I would say,” Swain told The Tennessee Star.

“And, for me, I think it has to do with my visibility around Critical Race Theory (CRT).”

Swain has frequently pounced on CRT as a philosophy that “eats away at our public, private, and Christian academies with its cancerous messages about white privilege, minority disadvantage, and perennial racism.”

Swain said she always exercises caution about what she posts on Facebook as well as what she tweets — but, regardless, Facebook shadow bans many people on the political right.

“Whoever monitors and controls conservatives like me have total power to act on any whim, and there is no way to contact Facebook to ask them to review a decision,” Swain said.

Swain cited former U.S. President Donald Trump, who announced the filing of a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter — as well as their CEOS — for violating the First Amendment.

“I hope it [the suit] is successful. It will affect all conservatives. As long as big tech is owned by the Democratic Party it will be difficult for conservatives to reach people with truthful knowledge that the political left totally controls the agenda, through the media and through the fact that big tech will not let out information that’s contrary to their agenda,” Swain said.

“[If] anyone who is conservative who is in possession of information contrary to the political left’s agenda to help educate the American people, [then] they [big tech] will not let those people reach as many individuals as they would reach if this was not taking place. It’s all about political power.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Dr Carol M. Swain” by Dr. Carol M. Swain.





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9 Thoughts to “Carol Swain Says Facebook Has Shadow Banned Her Politically Conservative Posts”

  1. william delzell

    Ohhh: poor Carol Swain! Woe is her!

  2. mjc227

    get off of Assbook!

  3. Wolf Woman

    “And, for me, I think it has to do with my visibility around Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Of course it does.

    CRT has become the great crusade cause of the Leftist democrats and, because Carol Swain speaks against it and for individual responsibility, they see her as a traitor to her race and silence her for her views. FaceBook is a totalitarian, social media platform for the propaganda of vile, heinous global communists.

  4. Ms Independent

    Fakebook should be shutdown.

  5. Kevin

    Savvy move by Carol Swain, and a hint to all of of us. Every one of us who uses or has used Facebook, Twitter, etc, should TRY to do the same thing…get shut off. Why? So we can all join in as co-defendants in the President Trump initiated class action lawsuit against these arrogant, silicone valley, liberal jerks!

    And maybe we can even get Facebook to reconsider moving one of their data facilities to Gallatin, in Sumner County, TN. Why leaders there would be so exited about Facebook moving to TN is beyond me!

    Nashville, Tennessee and the USofA are blessed to have Dr. Carol Swain fighting for us!

  6. MCLowe - The Peaceful Prognosticator

    Question… why the h3LL is she still on Facebook????

    That is all.

    1. Mark Knofler

      Exactly, Republicans are like an abused wife, they keep going back over and over.

    2. M. Flatt

      She, like many others, remains on Facebook for the same reason missionaries continue to go into countries hostile to their religions. They are there to preach the truth to the oppressed. They are there to be the peaceful protesters being mistreated by the powerful. They are there because “there” is one of the biggest forums, the widest “public space” on the Internet.