Ibram X. Kendi Says Teaching Young Students Anti-Racism Is ‘Prudent’

by Alex Munguia


Ibram X. Kendi stated Wednesday that teaching young students anti-racism was a “prudent thing to do for teachers.”

The Boston University professor was a featured speaker at the 2021 TEACH conference, a virtual event hosted by the American Federation of Teachers.

The conversation occurred at a time of heightened focus across the nation on CRT in classrooms. It also represents the latest push by Kendi to advance anti-racism in American institutions.

Campus Reform previously reported on the opening of Kendi’s second anti-racism center at Boston University, his “anti-racism” book festival, and the time he dismissed the arguments of concerned parents who were against CRT.

Additionally, Campus Reform has reported on Kendi calling the term “legal vote” “racist,” as well as when he wanted to remove the term “not racist” from the vocabulary.

Kendi did not respond to request for comment; the story will be updated accordingly.

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Alex Munguia is a Florida Senior Campus Correspondent with Campus Reform. Alex studies at the University of Florida and majors in Finance and Information Systems. He is currently a member of Young Americans For Freedom, and the College Republicans on his campus.
Photo “Ibram Kendi” by Ibram Kendi.




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5 Thoughts to “Ibram X. Kendi Says Teaching Young Students Anti-Racism Is ‘Prudent’”

  1. nicky wicks

    of course he does – he makes his living this way. this is like a grape farmer saying to eat more grapes.


  2. Ms Independent

    Black parents need to teach their own children to stop hating as well. Racism is a two way street.

  3. LM

    Well , of course it is , if you’re Marxist.

  4. Tim Price

    another liberal communist college professor who does know his rear from a hole in the ground!

    1. M. Flatt

      On the contrary, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing.
      He’s got the backing of some very large resources to spread his message. He’s going to milk it for all he can, now, because his fame will eventually fade, either by society turning against him, or (he hopes) society going his way.

      People with better sense and broader perspectives know “anti-racism” is just racism in blackface.