Ohio Secretary of State Identifies More Than a Hundred Non-Citizens Who Registered to Vote in 2020 Election


Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced on Monday that his office has identified 117 non-citizens that registered to vote for the 2020 election — a violation of Ohio state law.

After identifying the individuals, LaRose referred the individuals to the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost for investigation and potential prosecution.

“Voter fraud is rare in Ohio. One of the reasons it’s rare is because we have good laws on the books. These are small numbers, but there is no such thing as an acceptable level of voter fraud. We’re just not going to tolerate it. There’s also that deterrent factor. People need to know that if you’re attempting to cast a ballot and you’re not a citizen, then we’re going to catch you,” LaRose said in a statement.

Further, LaRose announced that at least 13 of the 117 people illegally cast a ballot in an Ohio election in 2020.

According to the top elections official, each person had given the Bureau of Motor Vehicles documentation identifying themselves as non-citizens at some point.

Upon registering to vote, individuals were sent notices and instructed to either cancel their voter registration or update their citizen status

While the individuals in Ohio were identified, the case appears as yet another instance of potential voter fraud that has popped up across the country.

Due to possible election regularities, Republicans in the state legislature ordered a forensic audit of all ballots cast in Maricopa County — the state’s population center. The group conducting the audit is scheduled to release its results soon.

Additionally, there has been a push by far-left leaders to allow non-citizens the right to vote. Recently, in Vermont, leaders voted to change laws in the state to allow non-citizens in the city’s capital to vote.

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