Ramsey County Sheriff Accused of Racism After ‘Sundown’ Comment

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher


Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher was accused of racism after making a comment about criminals leaving town by “sundown” during a Live on Patrol video. Critics called his comment “disgusting” and “unacceptable.” In the clip of the incident, Fletcher says, “100 years ago, though, we woulda just told them, ‘OK, son, you got ’til sundown to get outta of town.’”

Whittier Cop Watch, an activist group that is seeking the abolition of the police, posted about the incident, saying “Y’all cool with your officers live-streaming them reminiscing about the ‘benefits’ of sundown towns?”

Sundown towns were towns that during the days of segregation had laws that required people of color to leave the town or be in their homes after sundown. Sundown towns were also known as sunset towns, grey towns, and sundowner towns.

Whittier Cop Watch went on to tweet Fletcher’s response to the Pioneer Press, where Fletcher said, “Obviously they never watched the same Westerns that I did where the Sheriff told the gunslingers to get out of the town. There were no racial connotations intended whatsoever. The bad guys in the Westerns were white.”

Whittier Cop Watch responded to Fletcher’s statement by saying it was “unsettling, to say the least, to know that police officers are in the streets impersonating and daydreaming about their favorite movie stars and films while influencing real life situations that affect our neighbors’ very real lives.” The account went on to explain their belief that the Western movie genre is racist and promotes “Manifest Destiny.”

Whittier Cop Watch said, “It’s clear he doesn’t have a problem consuming racist content. Idolizing racist content. Daydreaming about ‘better days’ where white men in his position held tighter dominion over others around them.”

Fletcher, who has been doing Live on Patrol videos during his shifts for about a year, said he had never heard of a racist connotation for the word. Fletcher started doing the Live on Patrol videos “to help inform and educate the public regarding the job of law enforcement in hopes of building community trust and relationships through transparency.”

Many, including some local government officials, are now calling for Fletcher to resign after the incident.

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Photo “Bob Fletcher” by Bob Fletcher.

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    Yet this liberal group has no problem with criminals hanging around and killing our children?

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