Senator Marsha Blackburn Calls on Biden to Support Protesters in Cuba


U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn urged President Biden and her colleagues in the Senate to fully support the ongoing protests in Cuba against the current communist regime.

“The ruling communists have bled the Cuban people dry and now armed thugs have taken to the streets to repress the opposition at any cost. Make no mistake. This is a test for President Biden. He must draw a line in the sand. I call on my colleagues in the majority, on President Biden, and the members of his cabinet to join me in supporting all who would risk their lives to expose the ravages of socialism in Cuba,” she said while speaking on the Senate floor.

The move from Blackburn comes as the leaders in government have attempted to crack down on the mass protests. The leaders have used a host of mechanisms to curb the protesters’ efforts, such as violence and censorship. The government has limited citizens’ use of the encrypted chat apps WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

“We cannot stand by while communist thugs gun down their own people. We cannot let this become another Venezuela. Just as we stand with the freedom fighters suffering in Hong Kong, on mainland China, and in other socialist regimes around the world, we must stand with the people of Cuba,” the Tennessee senator stated.

Blackburn also took aim at the media for their misguided coverage of the protests.

“Much of the mainstream media reporting on these protests makes it sound as if everything is pandemic related. But what’s happening in Cuba is not an economic fluke, and every single person serving in this body, working in the media, and analyzing the policy implications know better than to say otherwise.”

While covering the unrest, the New York Times called the word “freedom” an “anti-government slogan.”

Watch Senator Blackburn’s remarks here:

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4 Thoughts to “Senator Marsha Blackburn Calls on Biden to Support Protesters in Cuba”

  1. Don’t waste your breath Senator. Might make for good press but is a waste of time
    Focus on evicting this Illigitimate and Insane Communist President.! There is n support for “Biden/Harris other than the wildly inflated picture portrayed by the media of the very few.
    Real People are silenced and not heard from in the media especially from Big Tech platforms.
    China has more influence in the White House than Americans!
    The Republican Party needs t paint the true portrait of the emptiness of support for this Administration! We want the treason stopped and removing Biden/Harris from office and the charge of treason we want to hear on every Elected Republican’s lips and all others, at every turn! along with stop Illegal Immigration for “Biden”s Army!” number one demand by Americans is get the communist out of Washington, stop the destruction of America.

  2. Nancy

    I call in senator Blackburn to keep her promises to Tennesseans and President Trump over the swamp creature Mitch McConnell! Blackburn broke her promise to support the election integrity vote with senator Cruz! Marsha full time defender of the swamp and part Time defender of Tennesseans!!

  3. william delzell

    If Biden REALLY wants to help Cuban protesters, he should lift the embargo that prevents Cuba from getting basic necessities for quality living. Most of the anti-government protests there centered around bread-and-butter issues, not ideological ones. Also, Cuba had several counter-protests there at the same time. Cuba, despite these U.S.-imposed medical barriers, has managed to keep its Covid cases to less than 1,300 cases grand total, while New York City with a population much smaller than the entire Cuban island chain, has had over 33,000 cases. This attests to the greater dedication by Cuban doctors to see to it that everybody has as much access as possible with Cuba’s limited resources to vaccine care.

    Especially distressing is the desire by Florida-based Cuban exiles to send U.S. ground troops to take over Cuba, which could become a long protracted quagmire like the reckless adventures such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars with their large numbers of U.S. casualties. Maybe Marsha Blackburn would like to be drafted herself to risk her own life fighting Cuban communism before forcing young Americans to do the dying for her!

  4. Mark Knofler

    So boring at this point. Hey Marsha, where are you at on the DNC monitoring text msgs? Time to primary you, your instincts are the worst. #VotetheBumsOut!