Vast Differences in Funding for Opposing Sides in Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act Battle


Members of an organized campaign who oppose the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act are reportedly well-stocked with cash and have more that 400 times as much money as the people who favor it.

The people on the opposing side — residents who have pushed for the referendum — have a sum of cash that, by comparison, is paltry.

This, according to a report this week from Nashville Public Radio.

“Campaign finance documents show that backers of the referendum to limit local government power have less than $1,500 in the bank, [exactly the amount of money the group raised during the period May 11 to June 30] while the opponents ‘Save Nashville Now’ raked in $616,958,  [during the period May 11 to June 30] ” the station reported.

“Save Nashville Now” spent more than $526,000 during the period May 11 to June 30.

The group paid $330,000 to Fortune Media, a Redondo Beach, California company, for ad buys. The group also made lavish expenditures to consultants. $100,000 went to an Austin, Texas consulting firm called the Eller Group, and $20,000 was paid to the Nashville based Maynard Group.

The station posted a Campaign Financial Disclosure document that showed “Save Nashville Now” had a balance on Monday of $90,262.19.

The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendum aimed to rescind Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s controversial 34 to 37 percent tax increase, which Cooper argued was to stabilize the city’s finances. If enacted by voters, the measure would have dramatically altered the budget of the city — immediately slashing $40 million.

Chancellor Russell T. Perkins, a Nashville judge, struck down the provisions of a referendum on the city’s taxes that was scheduled for July 27. The ruling invalidates the referendum and cancels the special election that was to be held, which would have allowed voters to determine the fate of the dramatic tax hike.

The cancellation of the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendumpromptedofficials with Americans for Prosperity – Tennessee (AFP-TN) to renew their efforts to pass a state law to control a city or county’s reckless spending habits.

Members of the Tennessee Supreme Court announced Friday they will not involve themselves in legal action between the Davidson County Election Commission and the Metro Nashville Government over the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act.

Members of the Davidson County Election Commission had requested that the Tennessee Supreme Court assume jurisdiction over its pending appeal.

“The Court has carefully considered the motion, the response, and the reply,” Tennessee Supreme Court officials wrote.

“Based upon the current totality of the circumstances, including the relevant timeline and the procedural posture of this case, the Court concludes that this case does not warrant the extraordinary action of the exercise of the Court’s authority to assume jurisdiction. As a result, the motion to assume jurisdiction is DENIED.”

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10 Thoughts to “Vast Differences in Funding for Opposing Sides in Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act Battle”

  1. rick

    Cooper, the head of the snake! Taxation without representation!

  2. John P Miller

    Cooper needs the tax increase to pay to get his eyebrows trimmed. Oracle, Amazon, and Facebook coming to town will ensure democrats stay in control and tax increases become a right of spring. Hey Tennesseeans….welcome to the new California (or Michigan, or New York, or Massachusetts)! Taxing you out of your house? That’s called PROGRESS.

  3. Betty Lynn Duley

    So they shut down not just the Taxpayer Protection Act referendum, they also shut down the Election Commission which had voted that the taxpayers should be allowed to vote. The rights of the citizens today +f Davidson County to vote have been denied and abridged by these politicians and bureaucrats and they are probably receiving large amounts of money from the big developers who are getting their contributions back many times over is TIF dollars and tax breaks and properties that have been practically stolen so they could have a place to put their stadiums and hotels. This is nothing less than taxation without representation. This is the Cooper fiefdom. Next they will push through the transit deal we voted down.

  4. Mark Knofler

    Isn’t it funny all the “Conservative” pundits that have moved to Nashville, NONE talk about what is going on in their back yard.

  5. rick

    The tax increase goes to the power brokers that run Nashville, it always has. They get richer from government money and the citizens pay more.
    Corruption at its finest and their token Mayor Commie Cooper in charge. The mayor is selected by the power brokers not elected, that’s why Democrats always win. It’s not about helping the citizens, its all about money for the power brokers, the citizens be damned!

  6. Kevin

    And rest assured, a large part of the money spent to defeat the referendum, was laundered to the judge who ruled against it! Of course, we’ll never know. And now the Tennessee Supreme Court won’t get involved. Does it sound familiar? Sounds a lot like November 3rd and beyond, right?

    The corruption, “the swamp” is alive, well and deeply rooted within Tennessee at the local, County and State levels! The problem does not only exist at the Federal level! These Leftist elites will do EVERYTHING they can to prevent We the People from taking back control of our government! And our TN RINO’s fall right in line, as long as they can make a buck or two.


  7. Trevor

    Nashvillians, Please contact state legislators and demand a cap on property taxes. Property taxes are the biggest threat to homeownership and seniors being able to own their homes in retirement. Legislators, please cap property taxes and hold the line on local governments out of control spending. Replace the members of the Tennessee Supreme court!

  8. Horatio Bunce

    “Chancellor Russell T. Perkins, a Nashville judge, struck down the provisions of a referendum on the city’s taxes”

    Restated, Perkins, a government employee with a direct financial conflict of interest ruled in his employer’s favor and not in the people’s interest.

    Just powers are derived from the consent of the governed. Tyrants rule in direct opposition. Time to abolish.

  9. Recall Cooper and all the Democrat Communists Racist with all deliberate speed!Next election is not soon enough!

    1. Bob Marsh

      They will just get reelected. The people up there seem OK with all this stuff.