Biden’s Ohio Town Hall Draws Small Crowd, Major Criticism


President Joe Biden held a town hall Wednesday night at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati and broadcast on CNN, which is being described as “pointless” and “contrived.”

A photo by Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein, showing the auditorium where the event took place at about half capacity, has also received blowback online.

“81 million votes. The most in history,” conservative commentator John Cardillo said.

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“But I was told, that without a doubt, this man was the most successful President liar candidate ever with 81 mil votes. . . They aren’t even trying anymore. . .” Ned Ryun said.

“Democrats will blame it on racism, rinse and repeat,” Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said.

The event was marred in controversy from the beginning.

Mount St. Joseph University is a Catholic school run by the Sisters of Charity, came under fire for hosting the town hall. Against Catholic doctrine, Biden supports abortion.

Meg DeBlase, the executive director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, criticized the university.

She told The Ohio Star that she couldn’t believe the school was “hosting, welcoming – is so excited to host this radical pro-abortion president – and they haven’t even made a statement in opposition to his stance on abortion.”

The group protested the event Wednesday night.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati said he did not know the town hall would be taking place at the university, and condemned Biden’s stance on abortion.

“Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr has not been contacted by any involved party about the upcoming visit of President Joseph R. Biden to Cincinnati to participate in a CNN town hall meeting at Mount St. Joseph University. Archbishop Schnurr has therefore not been asked for, nor would he have granted, his approval for any such event to occur on Catholic premises,” he said in a statement.

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