Arizona State University Hires ‘Critical Race Theory Scholar’ as Music Professor


Arizona State University (ASU) announced Wednesday that its latest hire is a Critical Race Theory scholar. ASU said that the new assistant professor of music learning and teaching, Dr. Joyce McCall, focuses her research on Critical Race Theory and other related disciplines.

“McCall is one of the few scholars whose music education research focuses on race and racism through Critical Race Theory and double consciousness theory, as well as culturally relevant pedagogy,” reported ASU.

Double consciousness is a theory that black individuals harbor an inner duality caused by oppression and disrespect perpetrated by white people. Culturally relevant pedagogy emphasizes that understanding and adherence to an individual’s culture is critical, especially concerning an educator when engaging with their students.

McCall said that this job is the perfect opportunity because ASU is actively engaged in progressive work.

“This is my dream job in a sense, because this is an opportunity to do the work that I do and also be able to do it in a place that provides me with a space where I can thrive,” said McCall.

McCall, an army veteran, joined ASU’s School of Music, Dance, and Theatre to bring expertise on educational equity in music education, which Director Heather Landes said was critical.

“Dr. McCall brings expertise and research interests that are critical to our path forward as a school focused on access, inclusion and excellence,” said Landes.

McCall earned her Ph.D. from ASU in 2015. According to ASU’s press release, McCall claimed that racial relations haven’t improved since she was a child.

In her work, McCall focuses on implementing anti-racism in music education and prioritizing racial minorities. Her book chapter, “Speak No Evil: Talking Race as an African American in Music Education,” reportedly inspired anti-racist initiatives within music education. The publication defines racism within social and political institutions as “institutionalized whiteness.”

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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