Kamala Harris Tells Illegal Aliens That America ‘Is Your Home’

Kamala Harris
by Eric Lendrum


On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris met with several illegal aliens at the White House, promising them that the Biden Administration would fight against a judge’s ruling that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program was unconstitutional, as reported by Breitbart.

The illegals, referred to as “Dreamers” because they would have qualified for amnesty under Barack Obama’s failed Dream Act amnesty plan, met with the vice president both in-person and virtually over Zoom. Addressing the recent ruling that struck a major blow to DACA, an executive order signed by Obama as the successor to the Dream Act after the latter failed to pass through Congress, Harris told the illegals that “this is your home, this is your home, and we see you, and you are not alone.”

Harris went on to claim, with no evidence, that some illegals have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies, have worked in health care, or have served in the military. “Many have been living recently, these years, a life of uncertainty,” she said, “even though this is the only country they have ever known. They deserve a pathway to citizenship.”

Last week, Judge Andrew Hanen of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas ruled that DACA had been “created in violation of the law” and was “illegally implemented” by Obama. His ruling ultimately barred any future potential illegals from applying for amnesty via the program, although it did not impact current or past applicants.

Harris vowed to have the Biden Department of Justice fight back against Judge Hanen’s ruling, declaring that his decision and other legal challenges to DACA were “just simply wrong,” and that “this is about saying that we want to ensure that all people have the ability to determine their own future.”

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.


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6 Thoughts to “Kamala Harris Tells Illegal Aliens That America ‘Is Your Home’”

  1. rick

    She should have stayed in the same profession as when she was Willie Browns mistress, at least then she knew what she was doing.

  2. She’s The Biden Occupation speaking. She does not speak for the 95% of American Honorable Citizens/Patriots. There is virtually no support for Biden/Harris or Democrats! Their media paint a much larger but false picture of support for them. We do not support the invasion of Biden’s Army! Why is it that the Illegals are sent to the Red States. Doesn’t Biden and Connecticut Resident want them? Biden and Harris have to go before the destructiong gets any worse

    1. Ron W

      Yeah Casca, why not send them to one of Joe Biden’ s five homes in Delaware? Why not send them to Martha’s Vineyard where Obama’s ocean front mansion is. Surely he has some extra living space there, or his large home in D.C., or Hawaii. Send some to Vermont where the socialist Bernie Sanders has three homes. And surely Kamala Harris would take some in California. She could say, “mi casa es su casa”! But then, they are all lawless hypocrites who are imposing the burden of their criminal refusal to enforce our laws and do their Constitutional duty “to protect the States against Invasion…” (Article IV, Section 4). These are the same ones who with Speaker Pelosi repeated “the rule of law”, “no one is above the law” and “we must protect the Constitution” . I’m all for that, but they follow the counsel of their leftist guru, Saul
      Alinsky, “accuse others of what you do, while you’re doing it”. And that fraud they do very well because we no longer hear that lawful mantra—do we??

  3. JRin

    This is the result of an anchor baby (Harris) becoming a citizen and an elected official.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Amen. What a ridiculous interpretation of the citizenship eligibility law.

  4. Truthy McTruthFace

    maybe getting into high places due to being willie brown’s mistress isnt the best way to select a VP.

    she is even worse than anyone could have anticipated. she should have been a shoe-in for 2024 but is managing to blow it completely.