More Than 1,000 Individuals Sign Petition to Reinstate Mask Mandate for Metro Nashville Schools

Man at grocery store wearing a black mask


A petition circulating online with the goal of persuading leaders to reinstate the mask mandate for students attending Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) has gathered more than 1,000 signatures.

Earlier this month, the school system announced that students will have the option to wear masks, but they will not be required to.

MNPS also described that they will “monitor community transmission rates as well as COVID cases in our schools to determine whether mandatory mask requirements are necessary.”

However, the unknown organizer of the petition slammed this decision, calling it “alarming” and “shortsighted.”

“Metro Nashville Public Schools has decided to make masks optional for students and staff in the upcoming 2021-22 school year, regardless of vaccination status. This decision is alarming and shortsighted,” the petition says of the decision.

Additionally, the petition claims that all students should be required to wear masks because the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have yet to recommend vaccination in children under 12.

“Optional masking for those who are unvaccinated is highly irresponsible and even more so given our community’s moderate vaccination rate. We are still in the midst of a pandemic; it has not ended yet. Until all of our children have the option of being vaccinated, we ask that MNPS please reconsider their stance on masking, and do the minimum to continue to keep our children safe,” the petition’s organizer wrote.

But, the rule implemented by the school system allows children or parents who are still concerned about the transmission of the coronavirus to continue to wear masks — while permitting others to opt not to.

Further, numerous studies have demonstrated that the risk for students of transmitting COVID-19 during in-person learning is low.

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10 Thoughts to “More Than 1,000 Individuals Sign Petition to Reinstate Mask Mandate for Metro Nashville Schools”

  1. Rebecca Burcham

    How bout we start one thats FREE THE CHILDREN FROM BRAIN DAMGE CAUSING MASKS. See who wins?

  2. lb

    Vandy/Belmont/TSU/SJW agenda Libs trying to dictate their points of view on everyone else. I’d be interested to see how many of those are outside of Davidson Co and the State

  3. Jay

    Defund public education.

  4. 83ragtop50

    The sheeple that have become the population of Nashville have once again shown that they have no respect for individual rights. Of course, that is no surprise.

  5. Chris

    Nothing spells strength, solidarity and esprit de corps like a “movement” with an anonymous leader.

  6. LM

    I want to sign the petition that says no one is allowed to make children or anybody else wear masks. I hope parents are done with stupid BS and make the school boards understand that masks at school are not going to happen EVER AGAIN.

  7. EdC

    Optional masking is fine. What’s “irresponsible” is the petition and the bedwetters who promote it. Much like control freaks on a HOA board.

  8. Deborah Lawson

    What is wrong with our Educators ? The Virus is so small it goes right through even a N95 mask. Furthermore, it destroys your health because you are breathing Carbon Dioxide with every breath. This is very harmful, especially to children.

    1. Ron W

      And forced masking all day I’d restricting their oxygen. This is abuse!

  9. jamesb

    the headline would imply there are many thousands more who did not sign the petition,

    go figger