Senate Democrats Attempt to Add Funding for Dreamers, Border Security to Budget Bill

by Kaylee Greenlee


Senate Democrats are attempting to add funding for “Dreamers” and border security to their budget bill, Axios reported Friday.

The Democrats are looking at adding $10 billion to their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package towards border security infrastructure at legal points of entry, according to Axios. The Democrats previously planned to allocate around $120 billion for citizenship for undocumented essential workers, immigrants with Temporary Protected Status and Dreamers.

Democratic New Mexico Sen. and Budget Committee member Ben Ray Lujan wouldn’t say if border security is part of the committee’s budget reconciliation package, according to Axios.

“I’ve consistently advocated for making smart, modern investments when it comes to border security, including requiring 100% of screening of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles that come into the United State,” Lujan said, Axios reported.

The funding might be allocated for hiring additional staff along the border, infrastructure at official ports of entry or expanding immigration courts to decrease processing times, according to Axios. Officials could also use the money to create facilities where asylum claims are processed or alternatives to detention programs.

Senate Majority Leader and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer told the 50 Democrats to agree on the framework of the budget reconciliation package by Wednesday, Axios reported. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema have raised concerns about the expense of the package and some of its more progressive components.

Schumer is pushing for the resolution to reach the floor of the Senate by early August before the summer recess, though there’s a chance the Senate parliamentarian could block the move, according to Axios.

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