Kaiser Aluminum Moves Headquarters from California to Tennessee

Kaiser Aluminum plant


Kaiser Aluminum on Thursday joined a growing list of companies that are moving their business from California to Tennessee when they detailed that its new corporate headquarters will be located in Franklin.

In the move to Williamson County, the company, which frequently supplies Boeing with various supplies, will invest a total of approximately $3 million and create 80 jobs.

“Kaiser Aluminum has been a long-term employer in Tennessee through our Tennalum facility in Jackson and more recently with our new sales office in Knoxville. We look forward to expanding our presence in Tennessee as we relocate and transition our corporate headquarters to Franklin,” President and CEO of Kaiser Aluminum Corporation Keith Harvey said. “Williamson County provides the benefit of a corporate friendly business environment and access to a highly talented workforce that fits well with Kaiser Aluminum’s corporate value of being a preferred employer and a great place to work. We thank the Economic and Community Development team for their commitment and support.”

The producer of semi-fabricated specialty aluminum products employs more than 3,700 people and operates 14 production facilities across North America.

“Companies around the world see the benefits of doing business in Tennessee, and we are proud to welcome Kaiser Aluminum to the growing list of companies relocating from California to Tennessee. Kaiser will be an excellent addition to the economic landscape in Williamson County, and I thank the company for this new investment and job creation in Tennessee,” Governor Bill Lee said of the company’s decision.

The announcement by Kaiser is the second in three days for a company to establish its headquarters in Williamson County. Integrated Biometric Technology will also create a footprint in the area.

“Williamson County has an advantageous economic environment, a highly skilled workforce, an unmatched work ethic, and an incredible quality of life that is a plus for any company looking for a premium location,” described Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson (R-Franklin).

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One Thought to “Kaiser Aluminum Moves Headquarters from California to Tennessee”

  1. John Miller

    Tennessee is going to be the other California, Massachusetts, Michigan, etc. It 10 years it will be a buevstate complete with all blue state benefits….outragious taxes, high cost of living, and increased crime rates. The rolling hills will be littered with tic tac houses on postage stamp lots. Apartments will be everywhere. I’ve seen it having lived in Upstate New York, California, and Massachusetts. It is sad watching a great state going down the toilet.