Tennessee’s Fired Immunization Chief Claims ‘White, Male, Rural Conservatives’ Refuse Vaccine, Willing to Risk Others’ Lives Out of Spite for Left


Tennessee’s former leading vaccine official, Michelle Fiscus, said that white, male, rural conservatives refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and are willing to risk the lives of others and themselves out of spite for the left. The former Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) Vaccine and Preventable Diseases and Immunization Program (VPDIP) director made these statements during an interview with PBS.

“But I think the other thing in Tennessee, and I think in a lot of our Southern states that’s happening, is this ideology that if you get this vaccine, you’re somehow placating to the left part of the political spectrum,” said Fiscus. “And so what we’re actually seeing is our most hesitant population in Tennessee is the white, male, rural conservatives, and that they are stating that they’re not going to get the vaccine really out of spite and are willing to put their own lives and the lives of the people that they love at risk because they feel that if they get the vaccine, then they have placated the left or done what the Biden Administration wants them to do.”

Fiscus was referring to a study published by TDH in April, as the TDH confirmed to The Tennessee Star. The portion of the study referenced by Fiscus had 96 participants, 75 of which were white. Sixteen were African-American, and 5 were Hispanic. The study didn’t specify how many of those participants were male or female, or how many were from urban, suburban, or rural areas.

Apart from “rural white conservatives,” the study grouped its respondents by no other political leanings in its first study. The second study included a brief graphic of moderate and liberal positions on vaccine hesitancy. Fiscus claimed this group was predominantly male, though the study didn’t elaborate. Fiscus also claimed that this group of people were refusing the vaccine out of spite for liberals and the Biden Administration – though the findings didn’t state that. Instead, the group shared that their hesitancy concerned the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

As The Star reported earlier this month, TDH explained that Fiscus was fired due to inappropriate behavior – not for circulating information about the mature minor doctrine, as Fiscus had claimed.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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19 Thoughts to “Tennessee’s Fired Immunization Chief Claims ‘White, Male, Rural Conservatives’ Refuse Vaccine, Willing to Risk Others’ Lives Out of Spite for Left”

  1. John

    Fiscus has always been a far left follower. He was a absolute failure at the job and is bitter because he is so incompetent doing what he was hired to do.

  2. beelicker

    The vaccines are not gene therapy and don’t alter your DNA. Once injected the vaccine components themselves also break down after jump starting your own natural immunity response and then clear completely from your body after 3 or 4 days. You could think of it as a key that turns on your body’s natural natural immunity producing engine, same as getting covid would do, only w/o the getting covid part. The fact that all of you repeat the same wrong Kremlin derived and amplified echo chamber dis/misinformation propaganda talking point lies should tell you something … nobody but you guys have ever said or promoted that any vaccine ever gives 1oo% bulletproof perfect coverage btw., repeating that kind of marks you as having been duped …. Intelligent people know and accept this inherently. People’s individual engines of immunity production and ability to produce their immune response no matter of un/vaxxed or not once turned on are naturally all over the place and all do reduce over time. It was also a mistake for CDC to promote that the vaccinated could expect not to continue wearing masks or social distancing in public. Delta mutatiion variant, which is new and changes the ballgame, now may likely ramp up to 1o% versus that original 1 to 2% infection rate that keeps being echoed, they just don’t know yet. Hospitalizatuon % and death rates % are still going to continue to be comparatively far lower in the vaxxed population than the unvaxxed at whatever %. That’s still true. Masking and distancing are better than not in all situations as well. That’s why Hannity decided to admit get the shot like he and everybody else at Fox News did in the beginning .. Rupert.Murdoch and his kids were in the first 5% of the world to get their shots because they knew and accept the science. Do what you’re gonna do but the longer you wait to vax the more possibility of more mutations that could more screw everybody up beyond what we can do now about it increases. It’s just simple playing the percentages. This Mass festival thing is a very small sample size of people who mistakenly thought they didn’t need to mask and distance anymore and didn’t know about the delta variant either. And if you read further That, that 75% is of a sample of 133 within a bigger sample of nearly 6oo overall reported so you shouldn’t read too much into that yet either. That’s also from a place where 75% of everybody is also vaccinated, and which if you weren’t vaccinated you really shouldn’t be inside bars and restaurants unmasked and not distancing at a festival anywhere either, same as the unvaccinated… sad but true

    1. Steve Allen

      I have been following this issue in great detail from the onset. I will make my decisions about my own healthcare. I’m sorry but there have been so many lies and false information broadcast that only a fool would believe what the Biden administration, the medical industry, and the MSM are telling the public. If you want to get vaccinated that’s your business, but don’t tell me what I have to do. If people are paranoid and fearful they may become infected by a virus that has a 98% survival rate they can wear a mask and wash their hands frequently. If people really gave a damn about their health they would exercise, eat nutritious foods, stop smoking and loose weight. And one other point, if it’s fine that a woman has the right to choose whether to have an abortion or not, I can decide whether I will get vaccinated or not.

    2. Deborah Lawson

      You really need to stop getting your information from CNN, MSNBC and other far left Main Stream Media.
      The facts are the MRNA shot was not tested on humans, only animals, which all died from the shot.
      You are the guinea pig.
      Do your research, even the CDC VARES reporting system with only 1% of the population reporting are showing over 12 THOUSAND DEATHS and HALF A MILLION INJURIES. A CDC whistle blower in charge of VARES has stated that it is 5 Times that number and they are intentionally UNDER REPORTING.
      In Israel, where they have over a 90% vax rate, 89% of those now hospitalized with so called Covid (it is really the spike proteins that the shot produces in your body and it cannot be turned off) are fully vaccinated.
      Virologist, scientist and thousand of doctors who have looked at the blood of the vaxed, show blood clots in blood smears and also graphite, which is highly poisonous to the human body.
      Stop spreading lies that will cost many lives and do the research.

  3. Ron W

    I suppose that Michelle Fiscus probably thinks “healthcare is a right” . Well, I do too and it would be included under the 9th Amendment. And a right is something we choose to exercise ourselves! The government can NOT violate or mandate anything re: our medical or healthcare! There is also the 4th Amendment right to be “secure in our persons”. No one acting by government authority or using corporate authority (fascism) to do its bidding, can impose or force anything on us! It’s criminal and tyrannical!

  4. Glenn Gordon

    I’m not taking nothing ! And I won’t be forced to.

  5. Horatio Bunce

    Why don’t the liars in the TDH just stop counting unvaccinated tests until they are hospitalized or dead like they are doing for vaccinated?

    I feel that your vaccine is a direct threat on our lives. It doesn’t work. See Israel. TDH will soon be hiding even more data on their leaky vaxx.

  6. 83ragtop50

    I would suggest that rural Tennesseans as a whole cherish their individual rights and freedoms. They actually use their common sense to make their own decisions rather than just listening to pumped up bureaucrats like Ms Fiscus. She would serve herself best by backing away from the public spotlight. A position that she appears to enjoy immensely.

  7. Tim Price

    This woman continues to show her utter hatred for any one who is not a liberal.

    The Democrats have drove people to refuse the Covid shot by their threats to force
    people to take it rather than letting people decide on their own.

    Her arrogance is simply amazing.

    She must be a feminist as she apparently hates men!

  8. midtngal

    Or could it be that these “white, male, rural conservatives” know it’s all a scam?!? Or could it be that they don’t want something that will change their DNA, or that’s not FDA approved or just plain don’t trust the government?

    Maybe that’s part of the reason you were FIRED Ms. Ficus!

    1. Deborah Lawson

      Amen !

  9. Steve Allen

    What else would you expect out of the mouth of a freakin’ liberal. I’m a ‘White, Male, Rural Conservative’ and I’m smart enough to gather the facts and make my own decisions.

  10. Traditional Thinker

    Maybe the fact as to why we’re not getting the vaccine is because 75% of those falling ill to the delta variant are those who are vaccinated to begin with. So the vaccinated seem to be the super spreaders not the other way around. Could this be the plan of the vaccination all along? Another reason that we’re not getting the vaccine could be that a government that has no issue with murdering millions of unborn suddenly show empathy for preserving life seems extremely hypocritical. There are multiple reasons as to why we’re not getting the vaccine other than for spite’s sake as this uninformed former employee believes, however my ultimate reason is that when my father in heaven says it’s time for me to come on home, it wont matter to me what means he uses because I’ll spend eternity in glory. Why should I fear that?

  11. Kevin

    Another case of taxpayer funded propagandists (Public Broadcasting System) doing the work of their Communist bosses!

    The woman got fired from a NONESSENTIAL, overpaid position because we don’t need government nannies! I look forward to this happening to a lot more government positions WHEN we get a conservative Governor!

  12. Truthy McTruthface

    Leftists try to force their views on the rest of us out of spite against freedom

  13. John Bumpus

    Not being a medical professional myself, I do not have the education, or the experience, to independently assess the many thorny medical issues which the covid pandemic has brought to the fore. I constantly read to inform myself on such matters as much as I can, but it is just not the same as one having an earned degree in medicine because inevitably one must choose between two energetically argued propositions and without the necessary education and experience one intelligently just can’t. One necessarily defers to another whose judgment he has come to trust over time in such matters. And even this is not always easy to do.

    But when Tennessee’s former leading vaccine official, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, says that white, male, rural conservatives refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and are willing to risk the lives of others and themselves out of spite for the left, THAT tells me all that I need to know about her and what this latest covid vaccine controversy is about.

    Dr. Fiscus’ statement has to be one of the dumbest things that I have heard from a supposedly intelligent professional in a former position of governmental responsibility.

    Thank you Tennessee Star for making this issue ‘crystal clear’ to me.

  14. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Really American’s watch too much Television. Most of these doctors, in America, did so to be ‘rich,’ Rockefeller Pill Hustler’s, i.e. Legalized Drug Dealers. It has been my 22 years of bedside experience that you can get way more milage out of a personal trainer and and a good nutritionist than you ever could out of an American Trained Medical Doctor. Most country folks eat out of the garden and are healthy for doing so. Your best bet is to stay far away from anyone in a white coat.

  15. Jojo

    Lol what a dumb as$ ! Why do we need a dna gene therapy shot of the mask works? Why do I need a mask if the so called vaccine works ? If you the dummy takes the shot your protected right? ????? Or are you ? I can answer that for you , your not covered because it’s all bs including the virus ! How many people have died due to the shots ? I’m going to guess based off a lawsuit , it’s close to half a million and counting! Biden said he would not take it in less it could be tested for safety bc he did not trust trump ! Hummmm a lot of lies and deaths ! We’re in a war and you better get prepared for the worst bc WEF and WHO CDC have plans for you white Christians ! Don’t believe me go to there website for yourself World economic form