Biden Administration Allegedly Planning to Distribute Johnson and Johnson Vaccine to Illegal Aliens

by Eric Lendrum


Joe Biden is planning an effort to distribute doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to illegal aliens pouring into the United States across the southern border, as reported by Breitbart.

The report first came from the Washington Post, after several officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spoke under condition of anonymity. According to the officials, federal authorities will soon begin administering the single-shot vaccine to illegals currently held in U.S. custody along the southern border with Mexico. DHS plans to get illegals vaccinated as soon as possible upon their entry into the country, to be done even before they are fully processed.

One of the officials even claimed that vaccines will not only be administered to illegals set to be released into the country, but also to any illegals who are facing deportation. The only ones who will be not be given a vaccine are those set to be sent back to Mexico under the provisions of the Title 42 health law.

The officials confirmed that the selection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was done specifically because it is a single-shot dose, rather than the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines which require two separate shots. Medical staff will be deployed to the border by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to distribute the vaccines.

This new initiative appears to be in response to widespread backlash that the Biden Administration was facing due to its poor handling of the health crisis along the southern border. With thousands of illegals flowing into the country every day, the vast majority of them were bringing diseases, including the coronavirus, yet were being released before being tested or administered proper medical care. As previously reported by American Greatness, many such infected illegals were allowed to live in rented-out hotels, courtesy of private Catholic charities, and free to roam around American towns at the risk of infecting American citizens.

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