Johns Hopkins Professor Says COVID Infection Provides More Immunity Than Vaccines

by Eric Lendrum


A doctor and professor with Johns Hopkins University said in a recent television appearance that, contrary to the official government narrative, those who actually catch the coronavirus and recover are approximately seven times more immune from future infections than those who receive a vaccine, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Dr. Marty Makary, during his interview on the Vince Coglianese Show, said studies have proven that “natural immunity is better against the Delta variant” than vaccines. “When you get infected with COVID, your body’s immune system develops antibodies to the entire surface of the virus. Not just the slight protein that the vaccines give you, but the entire surface. And so, you get a more diverse antibody portfolio in your system.”

Dr. Makary, who has appeared as a guest on Fox News, cited a study from Israel which proved that this natural immunity is at least 6.7 times more effective than the vaccine. He called it “one of the great failures of our medical leadership” that “the half of America with natural immunity” has been completely ignored when drafting up restriction guidelines and vaccination recommendations.

The professor followed up his interview with a statement on Twitter, declaring that “the pandemic of the unvaccinated is a misnomer. It’s a pandemic of the non-immune. More precisely, it’s a series of regional outbreaks in select pockets of the country with low population immunity.” Nevertheless, Makary said that “if you’re not immune, get immune by getting vaxed.”

Dr. Makary’s assertions appear to be backed up by the rise of so-called “breakthrough infections,” with thousands of coronavirus cases being confirmed in individuals who already received the vaccine to some degree. This trend debunks previous claims by Joe Biden, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and others who said that getting the vaccine would ultimately safeguard against any possible future infections with the virus. As it becomes more evident that the vaccines do not work as intended, the CDC has ordered a return to mask mandates for most Americans, including those who have already been vaccinated, as well as children in K-12 schools.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
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6 Thoughts to “Johns Hopkins Professor Says COVID Infection Provides More Immunity Than Vaccines”

  1. John Miller

    How much more effective is a vaccine over no vaccine? The doctor sees to have left that statistic out.

  2. Dal Andrew

    Sometimes we are better off recognizing the innate wisdom of Mother nature.

  3. Ruth Wilson

    I’m beginning to feel IMPORTANT, the Doctor says I have a “antibody portfolio”!!!! I think if they just let this thing blow over, STOP the “COUNT”, STOP taking Covid Grants from the Feds which filter down to State and Local governments that bloat our Local and State budgets which will come back to bite us. Somebody will have to make-up the slack when the ” Covid Grant windfall money” is no longer available.(You know all the new projects that “grow government” YIKES) And we are all “aware” of the globs of money that Pharmaceutical Corps. are taking in with all of this “problem” that never gets solved and becomes more convoluted everyday.
    Since I don’t see anyone reminding us of the Tn. Hulsey-Bowling Legislation passed last legislative session on this Covid Vaccination subject, the “State government can not coerce or FORCE us on this subject, I’ll “inject” this reminder. I also remind folks in America We, the People put our Elected Officials, Fed, State and Local, under a solemn Oath to God Almighty that they DO NOT exceed the Boundaries of the Constitutions they are “sworn to uphold and defend…” United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Article IV, “The Right of the people to be secure in their PERSONS….” Think about all these “real particulars”. For God & Country

  4. Ms Independent

    WOW! Finally some common sense!

  5. LM

    No mask, and no COVID jab. Anybody who still gives merit to either is deluded, or part of the scheme.

  6. ArKayne

    We (the previously infected) been ignored because this is about selling vaccines. I believe Pfizer is set to rack in a 50+ billion dollar profit this year. The fact they won’t even bring the topic up for discussion just causes more suspicion about the true intent of our Gov’t overlords. If they would just have an honest conversation with the public instead of mandating the same failing arbitrary policies over and over, they might win a few more folks over.