Nashville Releases Plan to Fight Homelessness Using Taxpayer Money


Metro Nashville officials this week released a plan that they said will tackle homelessness within the city.

According to, the city will serve up to 40 people at once at two new Mobile Housing Navigation sites.

“The city has since October helped 452 people move into stable housing through its federally-funded Rapid Rehousing effort, with resources in place to assist at least another 200 neighbors currently on a waiting list,” said.

These sites operate in local churches and other community spaces. Metro officials will first place them in West Nashville and Madison, said.

“Up to 20 people at each site will receive immediate stabilization and intensive support services. The small-group approach is proven to reduce the time people spend on the path from homelessness to stable housing,” said.

“With three Mobile Housing Navigation Centers running concurrently, Nashville could serve an estimated 250 people in the next two years. Mayor [John] Cooper directed $850,000 for the model, an investment Metro Council approved Tuesday. Meanwhile, Metro Homeless Impact Division [MHID] will expand its reach as two additional outreach coordinators join the agency.”

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) officials announced eight years ago that Nashville would have no more chronic homelessness before the end of that decade. This, according to a story that The Tennessee Watchdog published in 2013. MDHA officials announced that year that they would create more than 200 housing opportunities for the chronically homeless.

MDHA officials at the time did not return The Tennessee Watchdog’s repeated requests for comment on the matter regarding how government officials would accomplish this goal.

Metro Nashville spokeswoman Andrea Fanta did not return The Tennessee Star’s request for comment Friday. Specifically, we wanted to know whether Nashville, in 2021, still has a chronic homeless problem and, if yes, why didn’t the 2013 initiative succeed?

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3 Thoughts to “Nashville Releases Plan to Fight Homelessness Using Taxpayer Money”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Why am I paying for these people? Next thing you know Cooper’s brigade will be signing them up to vote. Oh, that’s right, that is already happening. Guess that is not violating the paying for votes law. Clear them out of Nashville and Tennessee. Of course that only moves the problem and we still pay for them through the federal government. But no, they deserve an government funded apartment all to themselves. What craziness.

  2. Kevin

    Just another “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish…” scenario by city Democrats, who don’t really want the problem to go away!

  3. LM

    Chronically homeless people are chronically homeless FOR A REASON. Send them all to Pooper Cooper’s yard to live.