Tennessee Commissioner of Health Says All Pediatric Hospitals Will Fill with COVID Patients



Despite the fact that only 23 people under the age of 20 are currently hospitalized in the state of Tennessee with COVID-19, the state’s health director is scaremongering, telling reporters that all of the pediatric hospitals in the state will soon be full.

Dr. Lisa Piercey said Thursday that every children’s hospital in the state will be full as children contract the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.

“Never in my career have I seen hospitals full in the summer,” she added.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectCurrently, around 10 percent of COVID cases in the state are among children ages 10 and younger, a slight uptick from seven percent average last year. Of the hospitalized youth, only five hospitalized patients are under the age of 10. Seventeen patients are under the age of 20. Those numbers are not even the highest on record.

All told, according to August 4 data from the Tennessee Department of Health (DOH), headed by Piercey, only 12 people under the age of 20 have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Six of those people were under the age of 10, and six were between age 11 and 20.

“Hospitals are seeing a rise in pediatric cases as well as respiratory illness we don’t normally see this time of year,” said Sarah Tanksley, a spokeswoman for the DOH.

Other than that, there has been no explanation from public health officials about the grim prediction made by Piercey.

Scientists are still parsing through whether the delta variant is more contagious or deadly than the COVID-19 strains America has faced already.

What is certain is that the vaccine does not stop the contraction or spread of the delta variant. Early data suggests that it reduces the risk of hospitalization and death.

But the vaccine, which is only approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use, is not approved at all for children under the age of 12.

That didn’t stop Alan Levine, CEO of Ballad Health hospitals in Northeast Tennessee from adding to the COVID-19 hysteria on Twitter.

“And children have already died, and others are on ventilators, and ALL OF IT is preventable. So is what’s coming,” he said in response to Piercey’s decree that all pediatric hospitals will soon be full.

It is unclear how the spread of the delta variant is “preventable,” considering that the vaccine does not stop that variant’s spread, and that it is not available to children under the age of 12.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].

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9 Thoughts to “Tennessee Commissioner of Health Says All Pediatric Hospitals Will Fill with COVID Patients”

  1. Mary (Dr.) Johnson

    If anything “good” comes out of this, it will be Alan Levine’s downfall. As the merger/monopoly/COPA was shoved down everyone’s throat by his business and political cronies, the Ballad CEO bullied ETSU to do his bidding (for profit and grant money) – gutting Neonatal Care and Pediatrics in the region.
    Pediatric providers who opposed his actions (like me – as I was promised something else at recruitment) were professionally crucified.
    Inpatient Pediatric care was “centralized” to Johnson City – and pretty much decimated everywhere else in Ballad’s service area.
    The virus was always going to mutate/change. And we got “lucky” with the first waves – in that children (generally) were not affected in the same way as adults. It is my hope that what I believe could happen does not happen. Because if it does, children WILL indeed die needlessly – because the resources will not be there.
    And that will be on Alan Levine.

  2. Thomas Cox

    The vaccine is useless or worse, masks are useless or worse, and the “public health” bureaucracy is useless or worse. All the PH bureaucrats have to offer is lies, apocalyptic predictions and more lies. If we ever actually NEED these people, we are screwed.

  3. Cannoneer2

    Are you a doctor, Pete??

  4. goinsouth

    Let me guess…both of these worms are democrats. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  5. Kevin

    When are “we” going to stop talking about the effects of the CCP virus, and do something about the root cause of the disease?

    This pandemic is the result of US governmental agents helping to fund gain of function research by an enemy of the USA. We need to purge the entire bloated federal government of all “foreign” agents AND hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for initiating this biological attack upon the entire world! And every media or political person who distracts us from this end, must also be held equally accountable!

    Fire Fauci and Boycott China!

  6. LM

    Obviously , there are still too many Drs. who don’t have any concept of the significance of children’s mental health, or their needs for healthy growth and development. They don’t have any concept of the importance of mental health and well-being for adults , either. Maybe they do know , and they simply do not care.

  7. Tim Price

    Lets just scare the living Hell out of everyone!

    So typical of the liberal you are Dr. Lisa Piercey!

    Anything for a buck eh lady?

  8. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Better stop eating Junk

  9. Kitty Lenoir

    NO MORE LOCKDOWNS, RESTRICTIONS OR MANDATES!!! All you people in power proved you’re a bunch of quacks…