Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s New COVID-19 Executive Orders Threaten Liberty, Observers Warn


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order late last week regarding the state’s continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some people worry it infringes upon basic liberties.

Among other things, Lee’s executive order permits more flexibility in behavioral health care to relieve capacity strain and allows medical laboratory directors to monitor facilities remotely. But the order also gives the state government discretion to use the National Guard in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.

Lee’s executive order also permits telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases, and it also allows for the construction of temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.

Members of Lee’s staff did not respond to The Tennessee Star’s request for comment Monday.

Tennessee Stands spokesman Gary Humble told followers by email this week that Lee’s executive order  “seems to fall right in line with the plans of the Biden Administration and sets the table in Tennessee for a healthritocracy (I totally made this word up) to literally take over state government and completely obliterate individual liberties here in our state.”

Tennessee Stands, according to its website, calls on state and local officials “to restore our constitutional republic.”

“I strongly encourage everyone to read this executive order in its entirety and draw your own conclusions. A good portion of the EO simply addresses the need for any increased hospital capacity and allows for more healthcare workers to enter the workforce if necessary,” Humble wrote.

“But there are other portions of the order that are incredibly problematic and a clear indication that our Tennessee government is fully prepared and willing to completely throw the Constitution out of the window if it feels that it is justified in doing so in the name of public health. It would be prudent for the General Assembly to convene and call itself into session and reign in this Governor-Gone-Wild. I for one am unwilling to just wait and see how this all plays out.”

Tennessee State Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) said Sunday that if he and other state legislators hold a special session, then they should consider restraining the governor’s emergency powers.

Griffey said legislators should take up the governor’s authority to declare and extend public health emergencies. The governor can do this without oversight by the Tennessee General Assembly.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Gov Bill Lee” by Gov Bill Lee.




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34 Thoughts to “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s New COVID-19 Executive Orders Threaten Liberty, Observers Warn”

  1. Gary

    This anti American slag has shown hi true colors and basically told the citizens of TN that they don’t have the right to think for themselves if he decides otherwise. Take his emergency powers away immediately and start impeachment proceeding. He’s the problem, not the solution!

  2. Noneya

    I called the Governors office about this executive order and his assistant Wendy called me a Conspiracy Theorist.
    That response should scare every citizen in Tennessee and to call for the state legislators to convene a special session.

    1. Janet Leep

      I agree. Although I’m in Virginia. I have family in Tennessee & I find this borderline treasonous.

  3. Tamra A Sousa

    Its time for Americans to unite in a common goal and unite in action. The globalists only care about money, right? Therefore, we must all agree to boycott the very corporations who are supporting these unconstitutional mandates–how about boycotting the pharmaceutical companies driving this beast. Tell your doctors to change your scripts. On a local level, boycott any businesses making you wear a mask to shop for groceries, any schools that are masking your children, and your jobs that are making you wear a mask. If we do this together, we will win. These people are greedy, it’ll drive them bonkers. Spread the word….and God bless America. We are worth it!!

  4. party girl

    Are we as Americans going to let our government lead us like lambs being led to slaughter? Wake Up! It’s time to fight for our God given rights. Our rights given to us by our founding Fathers!! I will accept NOTHING less than our Original Constitution!!!!!

  5. DLP

    This whole thing is a Plandemic by Fauci and all who support the NewWorldOrder, which are all Democrats and maybe 97-98% Republicans. We have been sold a bill of goods goods to destroy Pres. Trump’s economy and steal the election so they could take down America and the rest of the world. Plenty of videos proving Fauci and Gain Of Function. Then the mask mandates quarantine healthy people has never been done before. The closing of small and medium size businesses to destroy the middle class and keep the big box stores going, the closing of churches, schools, restaurants- all to control the masses. Pres. Trump recommended low cost effective meds (Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin) and the NEO goes crazy and insists on untested “vaccines” which attack our God given DNA and for blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, Parkinson’s symptoms and autoimmune disorders and over 50,000 deaths ( see the VAERS website). The jab plainly says it does not prevent you from getting Covid , so why would anyone in their right mind get it??? Plenty of “vaccinated” folks getting Covid, plus viruses mutate- what are they going to do ? Mandate a a jab every month? It’s ridiculous!!! I am totally against the mandating of anything!!! Our Constitution provides all we need and any deviation is not acceptable! Period! Time to fight like HELL against any thought of gulags for unvaccinated or anyone who disagrees with the demonic controlled federal Govn. Gov. Lee must back down or be stopped from mandating anything “for the good of the state”. In case you forgot, in March 2020 the word from the NWO was ,” It’s only for 3 weeks!”, then “ It’s only till the Summer”, then “ It’s only Essential Businesses” then it’s wear masks”, “ don’t wear masks “, “ wear 2 masks”, “only til you get vaccines”, “ till everyone is vaccinated”. All the while the tyrants are flooding our country with untested, undocumented illegals and they are give airline tickets and bus tickets, money, hotel rooms and shipped to Red States. These tyrants have their 500 people unmasked, in-socially distanced bashes, go to their large gathering dinner parties and private hair parlor appts.- all while telling us we must do our part! I cal BS!!! It’s not about your health or my health, it is about removing our Constitutional rights, dissolving our countries, borders, killing of billions of people worldwide so they can control us. My question is- WHY are you all falling for this???!!! Time to stand against this insanity, start running for local Govn., demanding fair elections and righting the 20/20 fraudulent election, and stop surrendering our rights!

  6. Jay

    Tennessee becoming bluer by the minute.

  7. L


    1. Teresa Fisher

      I agree!

    2. Rhonda Wofford

      What can I do to help?

  8. Kitty Lenoir

    He’s a disappointment. Too bad we didn’t elect someone like DeSantis…

    1. Spark

      Unfortunately… I believe I have sent many amessage (FLORIDIAN SINCE 2004).
      Is being mentioned in the billl sounds almost identical to the updated (2006) to a present day version… I am going to look at the bill you were presented… its sounding a hell of alot like the one they snuck in while Desantis was defending the lockdown mask issues… I have contacted him twent times with no return call. Folks we have to keep our eyes on them all… DESANTIS SITS ON A VERY FINE LINE.. HE’S EVEN SHEEPISHLY SAID HE HAS BEEN VAXED… WHEN HE NOTED A FEW MONTH PRIOR TO NOT HAVING . BEEN…I’M ALL ANOUT THE ENERGY OF A PERSON… AND WHEN HE STATED HE HAD GOTTEN THE JAB HE LOOKED AWAY AND HIS TONE DROPPED… TO ME .. HE WAS LIEING..

  9. HDC

    The whining and conspiracy theories I’m getting sick of hearing. I’ll say if you don’t want to get vaccinated then don’t but don’t come crying when you are about to die. If it were up to me people that refuse do not deserve a hospital bed. You already made your bed. Grow up people and quit being selfish. It’s not just your health we are talking about

    1. T

      Those with a free thinking discerning mind refuse to accept the cool-aid from all of you Branch Covidians. Thank you for wishing death upon those who are not brainwashed government worshipers like yourself. We will remember to smile when y’all start to find out what the jab is truly about.

    2. Monnie

      Since you took the vax, it is YOU who is a threat to others’ health, and you signed your own death warrant because the vax you voluntarily took will kill you. So, laugh at and ridicule and disdain those who did their homework on this issue and decided to decline the death jab, but you’re the one who made the horrible decision.

    3. woofloo

      Another Branchcovidian sounds off. Bless your heart.

    4. Charles Fina

      I’m getting sick of hearing from the whining authoritarian wannabe’s. If you think those that refuse to get an experimental shot that does not meet the definition of a vaccine shouldn’t be allowed healthcare, then what about smokers? What about alcohol drinkers? Or meth addicts? What about morbidly obese people? All of those people made a choice to be unhealthy and put a strain on our healthcare system, so they shouldn’t be allowed to medical care either.

      And concerning the EO… Maybe you should try reading it before you come here to spout your anonymous ignorance. If you’d read it, you would see plain as day that this is no conspiracy theory.

      But even facts can’t change a leftist’s mind. You’ll never see the truth until the cold, hard boot is on your own neck.

    5. SK

      Please do the research! DO NOT WATCH MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Listen to all those who are being censored.

    6. Jessa

      I just met with a guy whose aunt died of Covid today…. she was fully vaccinated….

    7. Noneya

      It’s the vaccinated who are dying and shedding the variants, do your research.

  10. Cannoneer2

    As long as it is still a FELONY for me to buy two cases of wine over in Kentucky and bring it home, a law blessed by our Republican leadership, or to burn a pile of sticks on my farm without a permit, I don’t want to hear any whining about losing “freedom”!

    1. Ron W

      Yes! ALL of our freedoms, ALL of the time!

      ALL of the Tennessee Declaration of Rights for ALL of us!

      “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty,” —Thomas Jefferson

  11. Bob Marsh

    OK what’s up with Executive Orders nowadays ? Every time I turn around it seems another EO is coming from somebody in power. Are these like Papal Bulls? Are these like Edicts from the high and mighty from the past?

    How does the House and Senate think about these EO? Looks like they don’t care.

    1. Ron W

      Yes! ALL EO’s AND LEGISLATION that violate THE WORDING of the Tennessee Constitution Declaration of Rights are NULL and VOID!

  12. jeri

    Governor Lee has gotten us thru this mess and we need to trust him for a change! He is a good man who has done a good job so far!!!

    1. EdC

      The governor is turning out to be another blue check carpetbagger. Tennessee (and other free states) do not need and reject governor Lee’s idea of a “good job”.

  13. Tim Price

    Lee’s powers need to be, at the very least, lessened. Lee has no guts to fight for the rights of Tennesseans and thinks everything should be left to the will of liberal crapholes like Memphis and Nashville!

  14. docferri

    I will not comply. Time to start resisting. NO MORE As citizens maybe we should start a class action suit to remove the executive powers away from Comrade Lee? Did Michigan do that to Comrade Whitmer?

  15. This HVAC guy needs to go. I personally will not do business with Lee Company anymore. How we elected this clown is beyond me. I don’t want to run for politics, but I think I may. The TV watching leadership that we have is not well read at all. The two worst inventions ever invented where the La-Z-Boy and the television. Clearly this governor has both.

  16. rick

    Lee did not put any bill together and probably did not read the legislation he signed, I think he is being played like a fiddle by his supposed trusted political friends, the so called professional politicians. Politicians are scary people both Democrats and Republicans, I was told by a lobbyist there was not any difference at all between them, they each day have their hand out for money and both sides sell out to the highest bidder, its all about the money. We do not have statesmen anymore, we have professional liars, crooks and thieves ! Honest people will be devoured by the swamp at every level of government. China has figured out from the top to the bottom they can buy this country with no problem , money talks.

    1. Ron W

      Right rick,
      Nor did he read part of that to which he TOOK AN OATH to uphold, the Tennessee Constitution Declaration of Rights which is the citizens declaring our inviolable rights to the State Government. BTW, Article I, Section 1 declared that “ALL POWER IS INHERENT IN THE PEOPLE”!!

      Article I, Section 25

      That no citizen of this state, except such as are employed in the army of the United States, or militia in actual service, shall be subjected to punishment under the martial or military law. That martial law, in the sense of the unrestricted power of military officers, or others, to dispose of the persons, liberties or property of the citizen, is inconsistent with the principles of free government, and is not confided to any department of the government of this state.

  17. Horatio Bunce

    “Tennessee State Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) said Sunday that if he and other state legislators hold a special session, then they should consider restraining the governor’s emergency powers.”

    Yes, the “half measures” legislature, posting on Twitter how they are ready for a special session to deal with the unconstitutional executive orders that they ignored in session. Waiting for the Governor or Pfizer McNally to call that?

  18. mary

    I will not comply.