Famous Tennessee Music Festival Will Require Vaccines to Enter

Bonnaroo 2015


A famous Tennessee music festival is set to require its patrons to be vaccinated, or submit to compulsory testing.

“The safety of our patrons and staff is our number one priority. As such a full COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test will be required to attend Bonnaroo 2021,” Bonnaroo said on Twitter. “Bonnaroo strongly encourages vaccination. The last day to receive the second shot of Moderna or Pfizer, or a single dose of Johnson and Johnson is Thursday, August 19th.”

“For patrons who are not fully vaccinated, a negative COVID-19 test result must be obtained within 72 hours (3 days) of first entering Centeroo. Bonnaroo requests that unvaccinated individuals wear a mask at all times while on The Farm,” the organization said in a third tweet.

Centeroo is the part of the festival where the main stages and headline performers are located.

According to The Tennesseean, for any patron who misses the 72-hour COVID-19 vaccination window, or for those who lose their COVID-19 vaccination card, rapid tests will be available for $40. If a patron tests positive, they will receive a complimentary second test.

Some responses applauded the festival’s organizers for their diligence. Still, others were unsatisfied.

“If this is the route they’re choosing – regardless of vaccinated or not, negative tests should be required for everyone considering vaccinated people are just as likely to acquire and spread the virus just as easily as those unvaccinated,” one Twitter user said.

“Having a negative Covid test three days out does not ensure someone won’t have Covid. Please give us our money back,” said another.

Bonnaroo will be held September 2 – September 5 in Manchester, which is about an hour south of Nashville.

The internationally-known festival was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

This year, it features artists like The Foo Fighters, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Tame Impala, Tyler The Creator and Rufus Du Sol.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Bonnaroo” by Shannon McGee. CC BY-SA 2.0.









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17 Thoughts to “Famous Tennessee Music Festival Will Require Vaccines to Enter”

  1. William Delzell


  2. Noneya

    Executive order #83 Signed by Governor Lee effective now; Involuntary commitment if you are deemed upset.

    Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted. The
    provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 33-4-108, are hereby suspended
    to the extent necessary to allow the issuance of a certificate of need under Tennessee
    Code Annotated, Section 33-6-404, for the emergency involuntary commitment of
    a person with a mental illness or serious emotional disturbance based upon a
    telephone assessment of such person by a mandatory pre-screening agent
    designated pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 33-6-104 and 33-6-

    18. Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may b constructed. The provisions
    of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202( c )( 1 )-(8), are hereby suspended
    to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans for which would
    otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or substantial
    alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director of TEMA
    in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of such
    structures to ensure safety, as necessary.

  3. notice the Rainbow banner! I wonder if there will be as many arrests for dope, and esaths as the last one, this year!

    A far cry from the Beach Boys, Elvis,, and all the other shows I remember.! The ycouldn’t pay me enough to work security..

  4. Bill

    Be nice if the China flu swept through this festival and stopped these people from breeding…permanently.

  5. Mark Knofler

    Given the lineup this yr, you are more than likely to be shot than catching the WuFlu. #BoycottMadatoryVax

    1. Steve Allen

      Good one!

  6. John Miller

    Like this has more than a snowballs chance in hell to work.

  7. Steve Allen

    Oh well. Most of the participants are under 30 (I’m guessing) and as such believe the socialist party line and have been vaccinated. It’s too bad they don’t know what the future holds for them. Given the number of “breakthrough” cases for the vaccinated, Bonnaroo has the potential to become the dredted “super spreader” event. And as we all know, masks do nothing but virtue signal. And after reading the partial list of performers in the article, who the hell would want to go anyway?

  8. David Blackwell RN, BSN, CCM

    Unreal. And now, a word from our sponsors.

  9. nicky wicks

    the liberal folks that run and attend these festivals are all ‘my body my choice’ when it comes to killing babies, but not experimental jabs.

    1. Ron W

      And it’s a HIPAA law violation for anyone to require your private medical information—signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996, EXCEPT licensed insurance agents to assess risk for insurance policies. Oh yeah, “healthcare is a right” too.

  10. Horatio Bunce

    Lol, and since they already know the “vaccinated” Foo Fighters turned up infected, despite only allowing the vaxxed to attend their shows, they know the vaccines don’t protect anyone.

    If the unvaccinated take a test to get in and are required to test negative for entry, what is the mask for? So they don’t spread the disease they don’t have? Or to protect them from the infected vaccinated, like the Foo Fighters?

  11. Ron W

    In the past, it’s been reported that drug medical emergencies and deaths have occurred at Bonnaroo. So are they gonna ALSO search persons for illegal pharmaceuticals before they are allowed in. Or are they discriminatorily “liberal”??

  12. rick

    Big Pharma is always well represented at Bonnaroo. They will be vaccinated, but with what who knows !

    1. Ron W

      Ask’em. “What’s in it?”
      (short clip from The Outlaw Josey Wales)

  13. akaMOTU

    So, start with a massive driving/parking nightmare, sit/stand in the hot sun all day, packed in with a crowd of sweaty, drunk/drugged morons. And you’re paying for this privilige? You couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that.

    1. akaMOTU

      Oh and I forgot to add… just so you can listen to some 2nd rate music? No way.