Minnesota Realtors Dropping ‘Master’ Bedroom Terminology to Be More Inclusive


Real estate terminology is not immune to America’s social justice craze, and certain “discriminatory” terms like “master suite,” “man-cave,” and others are on their way out.

“There’s a hidden discriminatory piece that falls when you say ‘master’ bedroom,’” Jackie Berry, a realtor, who is also described as an “educator in racism and real estate continuing education,” told The Minnesota Star-Tribune. “I’m a person of color and every time the term ‘master bedroom’ was used, I kept saying to myself, ‘I don’t like how it sounds.’ Now as I’m walking through a property, I’ll just say it’s the owners’ or primary suite.”

The term “dual closet” will be used, instead of “his-and-hers.” The room once called a “man cave” has been replaced by the not-nearly-as-endearing “accessory dwelling unit.” “Jack and Jill” bathrooms are also a thing of the past. They will now be called “dual-entry bathrooms.”

According to the report, realtors are switching their language to avoid offending potential buyers, which they say “just makes good business sense.”

Berry provided an example of using the new terminology in a recent listing posted to her Facebook page.

“It has many great features: screened-in front porch, spacious main level, bonus room in the owner’s bedroom, expansive fenced-in backyard, updated kitchen and baths, and an extra-large garage!” the posting said.

Minnesota’s realtors aren’t the first to nix the term.

In June of 2020, the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) said they recommended dropping the term in the wake of the death of George Floyd, which caused violent riots nationwide.







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