California Refugee Craig Huey Weighs in on Williamson County Parent Leanne Baker’s Plea to School Board and Americans’ Rights


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the creator of the Huey Report and marketing expert, Craig Huey, in-studio to explain ways in which parents can legally opt out of vaccine and mask mandates in response to Williamson County’s school board parental meeting Tuesday evening.

Leahy: There’s a lot to talk about on that California recall, but let’s hold that until your next appearance here.

Huey: Sure.

Leahy: I want to go back to the Williamson County mask mandate raucous board meeting on Tuesday. Clay Travis delivered a terrific one-minute analysis of why the school board was making a very, very bad decision on that. But there were others, and we happen to have a clip of one of the people who spoke there. Here’s a parent talking on Tuesday at the Williamson County School Board meeting.

Huey: Yes.

(Clips plays)

My name is Leanne Baker, and I’m a California refugee. I gave up everything – a really successful Hollywood career and television shows – gave it all up for freedom and to come to this friendly place of Tennessee and be greeted with open arms. And I love it here.

I wanted to tell you that I have two vaccine-injured children, and they have medical exemptions because after the seizures and the hospitalizations, after all of their immunizations, I was granted, obviously, a medical exemption.

So my children are those rare children that will just not be able to get the vaccine. And still, I would never put them in a mask because their brain needs oxygen to grow, which the neurologist can confirm.

Anyway, the real part of the clown show is that you all think that you actually have the authority to mandate this. Because there are these books that I have, and I have them as a gift for you.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers, and also the Bible. And these guarantee my freedom and yours and our children’s to breathe oxygen. (Cheers)

Huey: Is that awesome, Michael?

Leahy: Did you see how quickly they called time? Actually, they called time. I timed it. They only gave her 55 seconds. (Laughter)

Huey: Oh, yeah, that’s unfair in itself. Only one minute. Give me a break. That was crazy.

Leahy: That was a very articulate statement.

Huey: Leanne was awesome. But, you know, it was heartfelt because it’s impacting her. And what we’re seeing is people of all ages, all incomes, all occupations, and all races. Everybody is rising up because they see the injustice and how wrong this is. And so we’re seeing parents. We are seeing students.

We’re seeing taxpayers and seniors, and grandparents saying enough is enough. We’re not taking it any longer. We’re going to stand up for freedom. And there’s a spirit. I see two things, Michael. I see a spirit of saying we’re going to be courageous for the first time maybe in our lives to stand up and do what’s right and speak outright.

And throughout America and here in Tennessee, how sad it is in Williamson County. I’m brokenhearted that had to take place with 1,000 people not being heard and that they even had to come.

And this should not happen in Tennessee. But it’s happening here and it’s happening all over the U.S. and people aren’t taking it any longer. I see this spontaneous, organic, decentralized, mostly unorganized revoke going on, which I think is going to lead to dramatic changes down the road.

But for right now, we’ve got to do something in these schools to protect the kids. And I think Leanne was a voice of reason. She said a couple of things that I think are important. One, she talked about the fact that based upon American freedom, our Constitution, our way of life, our nation is built upon freedom of choice for people not to be told by the government every minute detail of what they should do.

If a parent wants to have their child wear a mask, fine. If they don’t want to have them wear a mask, fine. That’s the American way. What the school board is doing is imposing a socialist-style, collectivist status attitude towards the parents of micromanaging what’s going on.

Leahy: What I thought was very compelling – and it cut to the core of the matter – and that is the school board, the leftwing lunatic school board members who are trying to be authoritarian and tell parents what they should do with their own children.

Huey: Terrible.

Leahy: What was really interesting is she cut to the core of the matter because it comes back to individual liberty guaranteed to every American.

Huey: That’s the bottom line.

Leahy: The Constitution. It’s right there.

Huey: It’s right there.

Leahy: And the Declaration of Independence. The reality is these tinpot dictators on the school board and their tinpot dictator pals, the educrats like Dr. Jason Golden. Are you listening Dr. Golden?

Please come in and defend yourself because you can’t. You’re a left-wing authoritarian trying to rob the parents of Williamson County of their individual liberty. How about that? Do you think he’s going to respond to that?

Huey: I sure hope he does.

Leahy: He won’t.

Huey: I would love to see it.

Leahy: They’re cowards.

Huey: They are.

Leahy: They’re cowards because they cannot make the argument.

Huey: They are power-hungry hiding behind their powers.

Leahy: Jason Golden, you’re a coward. Coward. Because you won’t come in and you won’t defend your stupid, illogical decision. Anti-science.

Huey: Michael, I think another thing is that she mentioned the problem of her kids with vaccinations.

Leahy: Special circumstances. Every individual has a unique medical history. And now I don’t think it’s a whole bunch of folks, but there are some people. And everybody in America has individual liberty.

Huey: It’s not up to the government to decide whether or not they’re right or wrong about that decision. That’s the parents’ right. If it was an individual. Let’s take it a little bit further. The government is trying in many states, and, of course, Biden’s trying to have everybody forced into vaccination-mandated vaccinations and mandated mask-wearing.

And whatever side you’re on, if you are for vaccinations, fine. If you’re for masks, fine.

But people should have a choice. And that’s the American way. And there are some people who do not want to have a vaccination for health reasons because of their immune system.

There are others who don’t want to have it because they’ve already had COVID, and they’ve been told by the medical doctors not to have it because it could have side effects. There are people worried about not having FDA approval on the vaccinations and they’re worried about the long-term side effects that are not known.

And if it is approved by the FDA, they’re still worried about the long-term side effects. There are others who believe in alternative health and building up your own immune system.

There are people who have religious objections that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and they don’t want to put something into their body.

Michael, there are two ways people can get out of this. One is whether you’re in the military, a student trying to go to school, whether you’re a worker at Walmart or some business, you can get a religious exemption, or you can get it under the American with Disabilities Act and opt out.

Those two are the main ways people can get out of having vaccinations or wearing a mask. And I’ve got a resource for the listeners, Michael. Can I mention it?

Leahy: Sure.

Huey: The Pacific Justice Institute, PJI. If you write that down. Pacific Justice Institute, PJI is a team of nonprofit lawyers who go to the defense of people’s individual liberties. They’ve won multiple court cases. Awesome group for freedom.

They have put together a special report on how to opt out of getting forced vaccinations or forced masks. And they will have a lawyer helping you if you need it. But you can get the information on how to have a letter from your doctor.

How to write a letter yourself and to protect yourself so you don’t have to go even if the school mandates it. Even if the military mandates it. Even if the business mandates, you can opt out. Go to

Leahy: And I want to wrap up this whole vaccine discussion. The mask discussion on this topic. So to be clear, masks are stupid.

Huey: Yes.

Leahy: They don’t work. No science to support it.

Huey: None.

Leahy: Vaccines, in this case, I want to be very clear. I’m 66. I have looked at that. I have said in my case, absolutely, sign me up. I’ve got the Pfizer vaccine. I’m glad I did it. For anyone over the age of 20-25 who’s not taken a vaccine, this is my personal view, right.

Unless you have an underlying medical condition, I recommend it. I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one here. I recommend you get the vaccine. I think the science for those under 20 is very different.

Huey: Right.

Leahy: And there have been some disturbing reports about the impact of that.

Huey: That’s right.

Leahy: Also, we don’t know the impact of this vaccine on long-term reproductive capabilities as well. But my point is that most people out there over the age of 20 or 25, probably should look at their own medical history. And if there’s no underlying condition, get the vaccine.

That’s my view on it. And I want to be clear, because when you say not everyone, the vaccine may not be appropriate for everyone. Then all the nutcase left-wing lunatics try to twist that into something else.

Huey: And they can. But it’s also a matter of choice. And the key is if you want to get it, great. But there’s a way to opt out if, for some reason, you feel you have to.

Leahy: Yep, that’s absolutely the case.

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