Williamson County Parent and Talk Show Host Clay Travis Describes the ‘Mom-Led Revolution’ With Tucker Carlson

Clay Travis


Fox News host Tucker Carlson welcomed Williamson County, Tennessee parent and co-host Clay Travis of The Clay Travis and Bux Sexton Show Thursday morning regarding the outpouring of parental concern as local school boards push anti-American curriculum on elementary students. Travis stated that this was a “mom-led revolution” and hinted that it will grow with speed around the country.

Carlson: The speech that you gave – and God bless you for doing it. And it was entirely fact-based. The reaction from the other people in the room really struck me. What is your sense of where parents are right now with what’s happening in schools?

Travis: First, Tucker, thanks for having me.

Carlson: Of course.

Travis: Second, we’re in the middle of what I think is a grassroots, mobilizing parent movement to take back this country. I know that there are a lot of people out there frustrated because the reaction that I saw demonstrated that.

And where we are in Williamson County, I think there are countless people all over the country who feel the same way that we do that we have to go right to the root, right? Tucker, you’ve got a television show. I’ve got a radio show. We make good livings doing our jobs. But the most important job we have is being a parent. Being a mom, being a dad.

And I think what happened during COVID is many parents became aware of what their kids were being taught. Look, I’m a public school kid, Tucker. I went to Nashville City Public schools, K-12.

My kids, two of them are in public schools right now. I want them to fit in with society and make the world a better place. But it has to be a fact-based reality. And right now it isn’t. And I’m excited about how many parents are now rising up. Over 1,000 people, Tucker, showed up at that school board meeting here just outside of Nashville to combat the decisions being made by the board.

Carlson: I think that’s the only way. I mean, you have been engaged in this, and other people have for the last year tried to reason with the people in charge of the schools, from the Biden administration to the teachers’ unions to the school board, to the teachers. And say, look, this is poison. You can’t create Tutsis and Hutus in America. You’ll wreck the country. And they just won’t listen. I mean, I don’t think there is another option other than for parents to say no more.

Travis: That is the option, Tucker. I encourage everybody out there. I’m saying this is a “mom-led revolution” because if you look at the crowd, moms have had a lot put upon them for the last 18 months. They had to bear the brunt of childcare when we had 15 days to stop the spread, Tucker.

And they are just fed up with it, and they are leading this charge. And that’s what I’d encourage everybody to do. Speak out, go to the grassroots, confront your school board members, demand that they use fact-based analysis, and we will win.

I’m telling you, Tucker, we’re gonna win. I can see it. It’s going to grow and spread and become even bigger than it already is. The anti-mask, the anti-CRT. It may well be the new Tea Party.

Carlson: Boy, I hope you’re right. That’s the first hopeful thing I’ve heard in a while. Clay Travis, I sure appreciate you coming on tonight and for doing that. Thank you.

Travis: Thank you. Tucker. Thank you very much.

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One Thought to “Williamson County Parent and Talk Show Host Clay Travis Describes the ‘Mom-Led Revolution’ With Tucker Carlson”

  1. Shaun

    The moms need to fight the battle in the school system. The men need to get their minds right, mobilize, and take arms. Hate to break it to everyone but there is no way out of this global tyranny without secession backed up by defensive violence. Federal Gov., DOJ, ABC agencies, court system are completely in the enemy’s hands. Nothing will succeed until you’re ready to bleed!