American Academy of Pediatrics Claims Masks Have No Negative Effects on Children


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on Thursday argued in a series of tweets that masking in schools seemingly has no negative effects on children.

The medical organization dismissed parental concern over the issue as nonexistent, pledging to provide “real talk” about children wearing masks.

“Research shows that schools where children and adults are consistently masked are effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. COVID remains a serious threat to children’s health. Universal masking can help make in-person learning safe this fall,” the group tweeted.

Furthermore, the group went on to claim that masking has no negative effect on a child’s social development, claiming children can learn social communication through other “gestures.”

“Babies and young children study faces, so you may worry that having masked caregivers would harm children’s language development. There are no studies to support this concern. Young children will use other clues like gestures and tone of voice,” the group continued.

However, in issuing the claim, the group provided no evidence for their generic statement, simply citing that there were “no studies to support this concern.”

Finally, the organization ended the series of tweets by stating mask wills “end the pandemic sooner,” a claim made by numerous politicians and health “experts” at the beginning of the pandemic more than a year ago.

“Masking now will help us end the pandemic sooner. Wearing a mask is a simple step we can all take to protect children and save lives,” AAP stated.

Throughout the country, school districts have continued to implement mask mandates for children returning to school, following the suggestions from the AAP.

For example, multiple school districts in Arizona have created new regulations for masking, seemingly in direct violation of a newly passed state law.

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10 Thoughts to “American Academy of Pediatrics Claims Masks Have No Negative Effects on Children”

  1. Steve Allen

    The emotional stress being forced on children is inexcusable. But coming from the political party that condones the murder of unborn and new born children, how could we expect any thing else?

  2. Not Buying What They Are Selling

    Such lies. This flies in the the face of every developmental research of the past 50 years. Look at the child development experiments of Dr. Ed Tronick, associate professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts. “Facial expressions for parents and young children are really critical ways in which we communicate our intentions or whether we’re angry or sad, and that involves this very complex array of all the muscles that go into making facial expressions. So if you limit that range of expression, especially with very young children who are really attuned to reading facial expressions, then you limit the amount of information, the amount of emotion that you communicate using a facial expression.” Watch the “still face” experiemnt and then ask yourself why would AAP tell the public such lies about the well being of children?

  3. Ron W

    I saw it reported recently that the American Academy of Pediatrics is funded by the major pharmaceutical companies. No wonder they push dozens of multiple dosed vaccines on children starting in infancy. And now, they’re pushing experimental gene therapy on children!

  4. Ed

    Just look to see which side of the political spectrum workers at the AAP donated money to in Federal Election Reporting Commission mandatory contribution documents and the reason for their alleged findings/opinions will be crystal clear.

    These ‘puff’ tweets by the AAP run counter to what Ireland’s Department of Health decided in March after reviewing studies.

    Funny, I also don’t ever recall the AAP suggesting kids wearing masks during bad flu seasons. Anyone else?

  5. Tim Price

    Talk, especially liberal lies, is really cheap!

    These people say follow the science and then provide zero data and expect the rest of us
    to blindly follow?

    Stupid liberals!

    1. Cannoneer2

      Who said any of them were liberals??

  6. Deborah Hamilton

    They need to be called out and asked to SHOW US THE RESEARCH that masks help prevent the spread of COVID. They can’t because there are no such studies.

    Also, they say ‘Babies and young children study faces, so you may worry that having masked caregivers would harm children’s language development. There are no studies to support this concern. …’ True, there are no studies to support harm to children forced to wear masks all day long just as there are no studies to support the opposite. And yet we let these politicians make the rules for us and our children. This needs to stop.

  7. LM

    Sad to see that the that the American Academy of Pediatrics is parroting lies.

  8. First off, the masks don’t work. There’s even a disclaimer on the box. Plus, there are many random control trials, the gold standard, which statistically indicate that the masks don’t work. This is even on the CDC website. The only explanation I can rationally come to is we are witnessing a cult.

    1. Judy Ladd

      An evil, satanic cult that is all about control. If they can control us on this, they will move to the next level of control, whatever that may be. Our country has been accelerating toward a total godless society since the 60’s. Sadly, that’s my generation, and I’ve watched it deteriorate for 65 of my 73 yrs … God help us all.