Leahy and Ogles Discuss Former Tennessee Health Official Michelle Fiscus’ Dog Muzzle Story


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in the studio to weigh in on the Twilight Zone-ish story of former Tennessee health official Michelle Fiscus and her claims that someone sent her a dog muzzle via Amazon.com purchased on her own credit card.

Leahy: In the studio, our good friend, the mayor of Maury County, Andy Ogles. Got a great program for you today. Grant Henry with Americans for Prosperity for Tennessee will join us in the 7:00 hour.

At 7:15, we have an exclusive interview with Senator Bill Hagerty. He’s got a few things to say about the debacle in Afghanistan and the awful speech taking no accountability that President Biden, the legal but not legitimate current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, delivered for 20 minutes yesterday.

They flew him on a helicopter from his vacation. He got up, they dusted him off. He delivered a speech that was prepared, took no questions, and they flew him back to Camp David. Couldn’t have anybody ask him a question because I don’t think he could answer the question.

But we’ve been talking with Andy about the executive order that the governor put out yesterday. And I think our conclusion is that the state of emergency he declared back in March and continued a year and five months later is probably not legally authorized.

That was my conclusion, not Andy’s. But Andy has a very detailed understanding of this. As a county mayor, I wanted to shift gears Andy and there’s a very bizarre story. It’s like, really? So let me just read it. (Chuckles)

Former Tennessee health official Michelle Fiscus allegedly got a dog muzzle. She says someone else was sent to intimidate her. Now, what’s reported is the dog muzzle was bought from an Amazon account using her credit card. That’s what the report says. Former Tennessee Department of Health official Michelle Fiscus said, someone, mailed her a dog muzzle to intimidate her to stop talking about COVID-19 vaccinations.

But actually, it’s reported on Monday, she allegedly purchased that muzzle herself. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security found through a subpoena the Amazon package contained the muzzle traced back to a credit card in Fiscus’ name.

When asked by the investigator, Fiscus provided an Amazon account in her name. It was a different account than the one used to purchase the muzzle. But the investigated conclusion concluded, “the results of this investigation, that purchases from both Amazon accounts were charged to the same American Express card and the name of Doctor Michelle Fiscus.”

Now she put out a statement that said, well, gosh, I don’t know how that happened. (Ogles chuckles) This account was apparently accessed from the state of Washington, where I never had been by a cell phone using a carrier, I never used. It’s a weird story, Andy.

Ogles: Yeah, that is a weird story. And it should be noted that her husband was on the school board for Williamson County, where you had all that controversy over masks and 1200 parents showed up.

Leahy: He was one of the seven who voted to impose mask mandates on K-5 students in Williamson County.

Ogles: But I don’t think she ever filed a police report. So although this is clearly nefarious, I don’t know that there’s any law broken because she never filed a police report. But again, it just shows the lengths to which some are willing to go to perpetuate this fear tactic.

Leahy: Victim. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt Andy. (Laughs) Number one, when you hear somebody sent me a dog muzzle to shut me up, you just sort of think, really?

Really? And by the way, I don’t get dog muzzles but people occasionally say bad things about me. People on the other side.

Ogles: Have you seen my social media? Holy cow. (Laughs)

Leahy: Exactly. So if you’re in the public eye, if you make a decision, people say bad things about you. Okay. Big deal. So part of this victimhood thing is I’m a noble person. I’m out there, and all these mean people are trying to say bad things.

She’s the one that brought the idea of a muzzle being sent to her as a tactic of intimidation. And she claims that she asked for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to look into this.

She would have us believe that there’s some kind of fraud going on and that somebody out there has access to her American Express card and pretended to be her and sent her a dog muzzle. That’s what she would have us believe. I don’t know Andy. If I spun a story like that, I wouldn’t believe myself. (Laughs)

Ogles: It’s just one of those, I don’t know. This is venturing into the realm of the Twilight Zone.

Leahy: (Leahy hums the Twilight Zone theme song) How did it happen?

Ogles: She was very vocal where she stood on COVID, which she obviously has the right to have that opinion. But then when she got fired, as you said, she tried to play the victim card. And then I think it was one of those situations that really just spiraled out of control.

Leahy: To be clear, she apparently said that somebody was using her credit card. Sent of the muzzle, on her Amazon account, in her name, that she didn’t know about. We’re both kind of laughing at that one.

Ogles: I mean, credit cards can be cloned. But typically, what happens at some person elsewhere that goes and buys $500 worth of shoes that they turn around and sell on Craigslist. They don’t buy $500. worth of shoes and then mail them to you.

Leahy: So let’s just walk through this. So here she is at her home She’s in trouble at work. This muzzle arrives from Amazon. It just arrives. Don’t you think that the first thing that I would do is I’d call up Amazon and say, who sent this to me? Would you do that before you went public? I mean, there are a lot of things that are just weird about this story.

Ogles: And, of course, her posing with it in a picture in The Tennessean.

Leahy: Oh, I forgot about that. Yeah, she’s highlighting the muzzle thing. (Laughs)

Ogles: And now I hear that she may have had a role in sending it to herself.

Leahy: Well, her credit card had a role in sending it to herself. (Laughter) I remember when Rush Limbaugh used to say SUV a tax man, right?

Ogles: That’s right.

Leahy: It was her credit card that did it. That we know for sure.

Ogles: Yeah, for sure. That’s right.

Leahy: And by the way, the announcement came out last week that they’re leaving Tennessee. They’re moving to Northern Virginia. And her husband, Brad, who voted yes on mask mandates at that meeting on Tuesday, said, well when the breadwinner (i.e. his wife) loses her job, you got to go somewhere.

I don’t know. That’s kind of bad. Man up, brother will you? (Laughter) Oh, gosh. Just too funny. That’s too funny. We’ll be back after this.

– – –

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  1. mikey whipwreck

    michelle fakeus is doubling down on her victimhood claiming she didn’t do it.

    she’s busted, she needs to just admit wrong