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Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Dr. David Black and Diane Black in-studio to discuss the use of consumer proceeds by woke corporations to fund anti-Judeo Christian values and how people can get involved.

Leahy: We are talking in-studio with our good friends, former Congressman Diane Black and Dr. David Black. We’re talking about 2ndVote. On the web at Dr. Black, I’m reading in the news that there are some of these woke companies that have just gone crazy. One of them, Ben and Jerry’s. Tell us about Ben and Jerry’s.

Dr. Black: Ben and Jerry’s is like Starbucks, among the worst. In fact, on our scoring system, they score 1.0 on each of the six issues that we research.

Leahy: If your scoring system could go negative, they probably would be negative. Don’t you think?

Dr. Black: That’s a good point. We need to come up with that.

Leahy: The lowest you could go.

Dr. Black: This is even worse. And here’s what’s interesting, these companies we’ve researched for nine years, these companies have been moving in this direction for quite a period of time. They never put this into their commercials.

Leahy: Never.

Dr. Black: They don’t reveal this in their commercials. They give you these great family-oriented commercials. But I think it’s the reelection moment of President Trump that has caused the radical agenda.

In fact, his election in 2016 moved up the radical agenda. They’ve become much more aggressive. They were on this path, but we were all like the frog in the boiling pot. It’s all been happening slowly.

But now they’ve accelerated this attack on our Judeo-Christian values. And that is what indeed has made America exceptional in the world. We are founded through our founding documents. We are founded on Judeo-Christian values.

We have been the light of the world, but also the moral compass of the world. And this is what’s under attack. If you take America out of the equation, the world is a pretty ugly place.

In fact, Arthur Herman wrote a great book where if you take Jesus out of history, the world is a quite different world and not a pretty world, not a better world. 2ndVote is a think-act tank.

Leahy: By the way, let me just stop for a moment. Thank you for creating a think-act tank, because in the conservative world, we have a lot of think tanks. And all they do is think and they don’t act. And it drives me crazy.

Dr. Black: And I think people want to act.

Leahy: They want to.

Dr. Black: They want to know: what can I do? And we provide that avenue for people to do something. I do want to make sure your listeners know we have subscriptions to 2ndVote for $50 a year to help support our research on what we do and join the movement.

But for your listeners, we’re offering a discount, if they will use the promo code. Should they choose to become a subscriber? The promo code is MPL.

Leahy: Very subtle there.

Dr. Black: Very subtle.

Leahy: Go to At the top it says, subscribe or donate. And you put in this code, wait for it…MPL. It’s a subtle clue. It’s Michael Patrick Leahy.

Dr. Black: I thought that up.

Leahy: I like that, by the way. That’s the code you can use. So what do our listeners get for $50 a year supporting 2ndVote?

Dr. Black: Well, if you come to the website as a visitor, you can see the composite score of all the research we do. But you don’t see the individual score on each issue or the research work that’s associated with that.

And then you get a newsletter. You get other information that we send to you to keep you better informed on what is indeed happening in our world. At a very rapid pace, it’s happening. We do provide more connectivity to our movement, to our organization.

Leahy: I would think that this is very valuable. And the reason is, let’s say, as you’re shopping at the grocery store, for instance. And you want to know more details about what you should buy.

Ice cream, for instance. Now Ben and Jerry’s tastes good. But they promote awful values. One point zero. You shouldn’t really be buying Ben and Jerry’s if you want to support your own values.

Dr. Black: And if you were following our information, you would have known even before this recent boycott of Israel, that’s the kind of thing that Ben and Jerry’s would do. One of our issues is the First Amendment that we score on. Religious liberty, freedom of speech, Ben and Jerry’s has been funding radical organizations that have been attacking the First Amendment for years.

And the boycott of Israel is just a part of the religious liberty issue, and therefore we score it. But you would have known that. You would have known that this is the behavior of Ben and Jerry’s. This is where the money you spend for a scoop of ice cream, a little portion of that goes over to attack.

Black: Just a small addendum to that. We score on several issues, and you might have only one issue. For instance, I’m a gun owner, and I only want to shop where people support guns and don’t do things to say we can’t ever have guns and take our guns away.

You might only go on there for one issue. But you can only see the composite if you just go on to the website. However, if you’re a member, you can get down into the details and you can make your shopping very specific to that particular area that you’re concerned about.

Leahy: And we talk about human agency and the ability to change things. That, to me, is a great example of that human agency.

Dr. Black: Absolutely. We can make a difference as we’ve already stated previously. Our voice must be heard, but it does help a great deal if we have more voices. I am a believer that one person can make a difference, but a whole lot of people can make a bigger difference. We don’t need a majority of Americans. We just need a bigger minority.

Leahy: Very good point.

Dr. Black: That’s a minority that is changing this country in a negative way. We just need a bigger minority of very good patriotic Americans.

Black: Real quickly Michael, I can tell you in my office both at the state Legislature and also Congress, if you get five calls about an issue, you start to worry because there are a whole lot of other people out there who want to call, don’t call.

And they may talk to their neighbors and their family about it. But when you get five people, you know that this has now become an issue that is greater than just five people.

Leahy: There’s another point that comes to mind here as you talk about this. My guess is that if you’re a CEO of a publicly-traded company and you grew up as we did with traditional American values, and you see the pressure within the company to kind of go crazy, go left, go anti-American, you’re actually looking for reasons to resist that. And if you get this support from 2ndVote that gives you, I think, some influence and some evidence, you can use to kind of stay the course and not go far left in terms of your policy.

Dr. Black: That’s actually the strategy of 2ndVote Advisers, where we’re using our database to influence the invested dollar. We want to provide cover for those CEOs. But one thing you need to realize, and we’ve discovered a lot of times CEOs don’t even know what’s going on inside of their own company because it comes out of the diversity office.

Leahy: Ah ha!

Dr. Black: It’s the diversity. We could talk all hour around the diverse office.

Leahy: What I’d like to do if this is okay with you, can you come back, Dr. David Black and former Congresswoman Diane Black, and let’s talk about, which just started.

That’s another way that people can act. But we don’t want to confuse people by getting into too many of the details now, but that’ll be another full hour. Congresswoman Diane Black, thanks so much for joining us.

Black: Thank you for having us.

Leahy: And Dr. David Black, thanks for being here.

Dr. Black: It’s been a pleasure.

– – –

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