Sumner County Schools’ Lesson Plans Start to Drift Left, Concerned Parent Alleges


A screenshot allegedly taken inside a Sumner County classroom shows a lesson plan that disparages supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The screenshot recently appeared on Facebook.

An unidentified person, likely a student, apparently took the photo inside his or her classroom. The lesson plan teaches students that “a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol” on January 6.

“Protestors stormed past police officers, took over the Capitol, and threatened to locate and injure members of Congress,” the lesson plan said.

“Five people died and 140 were injured before the National Guard could remove rioters from the Capitol.”

A parent who requested anonymity said this is part of a new curriculum for all Sumner County Schools (SCS).

“They [school administrators] won’t allow any of the children to bring books home from school. I feel like that looks like they are hiding. They don’t want you to see what they are teaching our kids,” the parent said.

“There was some pushback, and I have also been told by a teacher that this is in a trial phase. If they get enough pushback on this then they could do away with the whole Wit and Wisdom curriculum. It should make you angry as a parent. I don’t know why children can’t just go to school and learn. I don’t know why everything has to be controversial and political. I feel like they are indoctrinating our children.”

Parents in Williams County criticized the Wit and Wisdom curriculum in their school district in May. They described it as dark and divisive and said it robs elementary students of their innocence.

Williamson County parents said at the time that second-grade children had to read books that contained themes of racism, segregation, infidelity, suicide, rape, scalping, and the murder of naked women and children in the middle of the street. They also complained about books that depict white characters degrading African-Americans and also Hispanics. Other books, they said, contained themes of infidelity, murder, and suicide.

The Sumner County parent told The Star that she contacted her school board member about the matter and that the school board member defended the curriculum. That school board member, Sarah Andrews, did not return a request for comment Thursday.

SCS officials also did not return our requests for comment Thursday.

In May the Cox Media Group, quoting the Washington, D.C. chief medical examiner, reported that two of the five people whose deaths were allegedly linked to the January 6 incident passed away from natural causes. Another person died of an accident. The fourth person, Ashli Babbitt, who was pro-Trump, died when a Capitol Police officer shot her as she climbed through a broken window.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Classroom” by Sumner County Schools.





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4 Thoughts to “Sumner County Schools’ Lesson Plans Start to Drift Left, Concerned Parent Alleges”

  1. 83ragtop50

    I would say that instead of “drifting left” that Sumner Schools are adrift in the sea of leftness. The Wit and Wisdom curriculum is being taught full bore. The content of many of the textbooks is full of shameful content from racism to cannibalism including negative commentary about the police and firefighters. I contacted my school board member to ask point blank if Wit and Wisdom was being taught in Sumner County. He said yes but that he had nothing to do with curriculum choice. He just referred me to a county school administrator. A person who is also a county commissioner who votes for his own raises as a school district employee. I later learned that a few years ago this same school board member voted in favor of purchasing the Wit and Wisdom texts without ever questioning the content. Just another do-nothing bureaucrat who needs to be ousted during the next election.

  2. EdC

    Apathy is not an option. Leftism needs to be erased, and quickly and, it’s proponents dismissed. Normal and sane parents should chair their local school boards.

  3. rick

    Sumner County Schools are one of the best school systems money can buy. Democrats have ruined public education, they ruin everything they touch. Look for Sumner County to require the students to learn to speak Chinese soon. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED TODAY!

  4. Kevin

    Drift left? Sumner County schools have been in full socialist mode since the leftist organization “Strong Schools” (Yes, they have ties to the “Williamson Strong” group) helped flip the County Commission in 2014, following the hiring of the current left leaning Director of Schools.

    There is a huge difference between calling yourself a Republican, and following republican principles. But We the People now understand these things.