Thousands Prepare for Trump Rally in Cullman, Alabama Tonight


CULLMAN, Alabama – Hours – and in many cases, days – before he takes the stage tonight at 7 p.m, Central Time thousands of Trump supporters braved inclement weather in Alabama Saturday to listen to the 45th president deliver remarks.

Loyal Trump supporters Blake from San Diego, who also attended the Turning Point Action Rally featuring 45th President Donald Trump, is well known for is “brick” suit and Kimberly Overton from Sumner County, Tennessee.  Although Overton had attended 20 or so Trump rallies prior to the election, as a critical care nurse treating COVID patients, the Cullman rally is the first she was able to attend.  Overton drove to Cullman on Tuesday to hold her place in line and returned on Friday evening, staying in her car overnight, to ensure a spot close to Trump’s podium during the rally.

Uncle Jam, a regular VIP at Trump rallies, climbed to the top of a large step ladder to pump up the crowd between large Trump flags.  The blue campaign flag has been modified to read “Trump 2024” by its Vietnamese owners, who also previously traveled from California in July to attend the Turning Point Action Rally with Trump.  The 10 x 17 “Trump’s Front Row Joes” flag was donated to the organization bearing the same name.

When a thunderstorm warning was issued less than an hour after opening, the security gates were closed and rally goers were told to temporarily return to their vehicles.  After about an hour and a half of moderate rain accompanied by lightning in the distance, the gates reopened and undeterred Trump supporters streamed onto the field.

Trump rallies are fertile ground for America First aligned Republican Party political candidates, such as Casey Wardynski running to represent Alabama’s 5th Congressional District which is in the northern part of the state, bordering Tennessee.  Wardynski is a 1980 West Point graduate and retired Army Colonel who was called on by Trump to be the Assistant Secretary of the Army.





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