Northam: Virginia Willing to Take in Thousands of Afghan Refugees

by Tyler Arnold


As the Taliban continues to take over the government of Afghanistan, Virginia is willing to take in thousands of Afghan refugees, Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Twitter.

“Last week I was honored to meet some of the thousands of Afghan citizens and families who have sought refuge at Fort Lee in Virginia,” Northam tweeted. “I’m coordinating with [Washington] DC and have made it clear: we’re ready and willing to take thousands more. Virginia will continue to serve as [a] safe harbor.”

Northam did not announce how many refugees are expected or how much money this would cost Virginia taxpayers. President Joe Biden set aside $500 million to address potential refugee costs in the United States.

The Afghan National Security Forces, working in part with the United States and Great Britain, failed to hold Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. On August 15, Taliban forces captured the city and the siege effectively ousted the American-backed government of Afghanistan.

American troops are evacuating Kabul and the Taliban is requesting a peaceful transition of power.

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Tyler Arnold is a writer for The Center Square.
Photo “Governor Ralph Northam” by Virginia Guard Public Affairs. CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “Kabul, Afghanistan” by manhhai. CC BY 2.0.






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