Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Travels to Colorado Fundraiser After Railing Against Out-of-State Money


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is traveling to Colorado just days after railing against the influence of out-of-state money.

The Michigan Freedom Fund noted Whitmer is holding a campaign fundraiser in Aspen after she decried “millions” supposed “out-of-state interests” Whitmer complained would spend against her.

“Gretchen Whitmer has an integrity problem, and she makes it worse every time she tells people one thing then turns around and gets caught doing exactly the opposite,” Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund, said.

“Whitmer told Michiganders not to travel out of state, then she took a secret flight to Florida. She made it illegal to use a fishing boat, then her husband tried strong-arming a marina to get her motorboat in the water. She made it illegal to dine out in large groups, then went out partying at a dive bar with a big group of friends,” Sachs said. “Now Whitmer’s blasting out-of-state money while simultaneously planning a secret trip to a Colorado resort town and orchestrating an illegal fundraising scheme taking millions over the limit from national liberal elites.”

At the event meant to support her 2022 reelection efforts, contribution levels range from $250 to $5,800 per person.

Mlive reported nearly 40 percent of Whitmer’s contributions listed in her most recent filing came from out-of-state supporters.

It’s a trend with an upward trajectory: in 2019, about 8.5% of Whitmer’s direct donations came from out-of-state donors. In 2020, that number increased to 26.4%, and in the most recent filing period, which runs from Jan. 1 though July 20, 38.6% of her donors lived out of state.

Whitmer used a decades-old secretary of state ruling regarding incumbents facing a recall vote to justify breaking campaign finance limits.

In her recent report, Whitmer listed 3 individuals giving $250,000 — including Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker (D). The donation limit is $7,150.

MIRS News was reportedly hung up on by one of the organizers of Whitmer’s soiree:

Her campaign refused to talk about it citing “ongoing security concerns.”

Previously, when her campaign announced the fundraising haul, a Whitmer campaign spokesperson said the group was “proud” of their “record-shattering fundraising achievement.” Further, the spokesperson said Whitmer demonstrated “leadership” throughout the pandemic despite “national, out-of-state, special interest groups and right-wing extremists.”

However, the contradiction in words and actions is not Whitmer’s first seemingly hypocritical move. Earlier this year, the governor openly violated her state-mandated social distancing guidelines at local restaurants. After imposing some of the most strict coronavirus restrictions, a photo posted to social media showed Whitmer seated with about a dozen people.

After the event received widespread attention, Whitmer apologized and claimed she “didn’t stop to think about it” because she was fully vaccinated.

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