‘We Will Hunt You Down,’ Biden Tells Those Who Launched Deadly Attack at Kabul Airport


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8 Thoughts to “‘We Will Hunt You Down,’ Biden Tells Those Who Launched Deadly Attack at Kabul Airport”

  1. Ron W

    His real, already expressed intent, is to focus the “hunt you down” toward”political extremists” (opposite of his views)here such as pro Liberty, pro Constitution, unvaxxed and gun owners.

  2. Mark Knofler

    No you won’t Joe. Just like Corn Pop and take DJT behind the shed, you’ll just continue to run your mouth and do nothing. #VotetheBumsOut!

  3. Tim Price

    Biden is flapping his jowls and will do nothing!

  4. Steve Allen

    What a joke. This sock puppet and his handlers are intentionally destroying America. I predict the donks will stage some sort of false flag event to delay the mid term elections.

  5. Eagle

    Doubtful any effort will be put forth to find the scum that did this. They’re too busy with the Jan 6th investigations which is nothing more than a witch hunt.

  6. Mark

    Until we are ready to bleed for our freedoms the deliberate destroying of America will only intensify.

  7. John

    Yeah I heard Biden’s eulogy….I mean press conference today. He accepted no responsibility while saying how sorry he was for the loss of life. His speech sounded like something you’d say at a funeral than a press conference.

    He’s broken his word so many times on things he’s said, why would anyone start believing him now?

  8. Roger

    Well, we may not hunt you down and make you pay, but we’ll air drop money to you if you say you won’t do it again. How many lives and how much disgrace is the stolen election which put an imbecile in power going to cost?