Representative Mark Green Says Time to Extend Afghanistan Deadline ‘Indefinitely’


Tennessee Representative Mark Green (R-07-TN) said after the suicide bomber attacks, it is time to extend the Taliban’s August 31 withdrawal deadline “indefinitely.” Green says that the attacks from terrorists broke the safe passage agreement between the Taliban and the United States. Green, a former military veteran who helped in the Iraq mission to capture Saddam Hussein, called the situation “disgusting.”

The Pentagon Defense and other military officials held a press conference on Thursday afternoon and they explained what occurred in Afghanistan early Thursday morning. General Kenneth McKenzie shared that the Taliban were guarding several checkpoints near Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport and the Marines guarding a final checkpoint before reaching the airport.

The suicide bomber detonated once they reached the Marines, after passing through several Taliban checkpoints. The generals and military officials stated that at this time, they are unsure if the Taliban were responsible for the incident.

Green said in an interview with Fox Business that this was “absolutely” what should have been “expected to happen.” He said that in his opinion one of the biggest mistakes was concentrating all of the United States military forces in one location. Green explained that the “multinational terrorist organizations” are “extremely organized.”

“If you were planning on how to screw it up, this is exactly how you would do it.” Green said, sharing his feelings of sorrow and depression over what is going on in Afghanistan.

Green said he puts the blame on President Joe Biden. He said Biden is the one “setting the troop caps” which led to troops stationed in Afghanistan being unable to man Bagram Air Base.

Green said, “The generals did what they were told to do and advised the president not to do that, but he did it anyway.” He went on to say there “will absolutely be” Americans who are left in Afghanistan if officials stick to the August 31 withdrawal deadline set by Taliban leaders. Green also said he believes this has the potential to develop into a hostage situation.

Green called the incident a “failure of the Taliban to keep their promise.” He said that the Taliban promised that they would ensure safe and secure passage for Americans and American allies and they “failed.”

He said that what happened sets a precedent to tell the Taliban that the United States will not be gone from Afghanistan until every American and ally is evacuated. He said, “Come on, Mr. President. Let’s use this incident to get every American out of there.” Green does not believe that the president will do so, however.

He said he believes the president is either “lying or has no idea what is actually going on.”

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4 Thoughts to “Representative Mark Green Says Time to Extend Afghanistan Deadline ‘Indefinitely’”

  1. Mark Knofler

    Nope, time to send in Special Operators to get Americans out. Then carpet bomb the place from border to border, Afghanistan contributes nothing to the world good.

  2. CMinTN

    Interresting that the CIA chief was just over there with the taliban just before the bombs happened. They never wanted us out of there and now they are getting everyone duped into how we just have to go back in. Sorry, your woke generals and dementia patient occupier of the white house screwed the pooch on this. We had a chance to pull out orderly and they chose otherwise. You will get zero support from me on going back in.

  3. Kevin

    Sorry, but I disagree! Here we go again “tilting at windmills”!

    For all we know, the explosion was a set piece, conducted by one of the governmental arms of the Military Industrial Complex. The goal being to get the American people focused away from a fraudulently elected, CCP controlled, bumbling buffoon, AND to funnel more money to Boeing/Lockheed/BAE/……

    But frankly what are 30 to 40 thousand American civilians doing living in that S**t H**e of a country anyways? Plus, if after 20 years, thousands of American lives and countless billions of dollars, we can’t get the Afgan people to be willing to fight for THEIR country, and protect their freedoms, MAYBE they really don’t want to be free! It’s time to admit that the whole exercise was a mistake, and get out of there ASAP!

  4. Horatio Bunce

    Why is it that these military folks never know the U.S. constitution and think you can just permanently camp out in other countries and occupy them indefinitely without a declaration of war by Congress? We haven’t done that since spring of 1942. Still occupying Japan and Germany after 70 years. Haven’t we “brought them democracy” enough yet? Every “war” since then has been undeclared and fought under the globalist united nations flag…not ours. After Sadaam was captured, why did the U.S. lease the captured Iraqi oil fields to…..CHINA?