The Epoch Times Editor at Large Roger Simon Reveals Breaking News of Kabul Threat

Kabul Airport


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist and senior editor-at-large at The Epoch Times, Roger Simon, in-studio to discuss breaking news that a terrorist threat is upon Kabul, Afghanistan.

(Congressman Mark Green clip plays)

Leahy: That’s Congressman Mark Green talking about the disintegration of Afghanistan into chaos because of the weakness, cowardness you name it of the Biden maladministration. Roger Simon, you have some breaking news for us?

Simon: Yes. According to The Epoch Times, just popped up on my iPhone that the BBC is reporting that one of the major ministers in the UK is saying there’s a very credible threat to Kabul within hours by ISIS or what is known as ISIS-K. For Khorāsān province in Afghanistan.

All I have to say is nothing in my long life, and I’m in my 70s has made me more ashamed of my government than what Joseph Biden did in Afghanistan. There is nothing even close to it.

Leahy: Joe Biden is not on Team America. What team is he on now?

Simon: The only team you configure that makes any sense is Team China. I’ll break down why that is. Who in his right mind would have left Afghanistan in the order that he did, which is the reverse of what a fifth grader would do?

He brought out the military and left everybody else to last including $85 billion in military equipment. Some of it the most modern in the world and leaving that as open to the Chinese and the Russians to examine all our equipment.

But also left Bagram Air Force Base, one of the biggest in the world, again, intact so that China can land its jumbo jets there. And when that starts happening, or is it starting to happen now? We don’t know. But what he effectively did was gave Afghanistan to China.

Leahy: It’s a dereliction of duty. It’s an impeachable offense, in my view.

Simon: Beyond impeachable, it’s almost treasonous this. I shouldn’t say that. But, I mean, I don’t say that as a representative of the paper that I work for, because they’re very scrupulous about this. I say this only in terms of what my own opinion is.

It’s mind-boggling. And anybody out there who voted for him, I’m not gloating at all. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself, but you should actually wake up and try to figure out why this happened and why you allowed it to happen.

Leahy: The question is, what can we do about it, right? What can we do about it now?

Simon: Wow. That’s a huge question because there’s no way to take back Afghanistan. If this is correct, then ISIS-K, then Al Qaeda is all over the place. Of course, Biden lied about that to anybody who had his eyes open.

Al Qaeda is in almost every province of Afghanistan, but he claimed it wasn’t there. It’s hard to understand that. Does this man have an extreme personality disorder, a lobotomy, or what? This is the President of the United States who said those things.

Leahy: Let’s go back to this report in The Epoch Times. I’m trying to understand what exactly this means. Supposedly the Taliban is in control of Afghanistan right now. Supposedly.

Simon: Supposedly.

Leahy: Then we have Al Qaeda, another Islamic militant group. And then we have a third Islamic militant group, ISIS.

Simon: Yes.

Leahy: But these are all different groups, but they’re basically rowing their boat in the same direction.

Simon: One of the great mythologies that were told is that, oh, no, they all hate each other. Well, maybe. But another day they seem to all be doing what you say, rowing in the same direction.

That one of the great pieces of baloney that was shoveled down the throats of the American public, for example, was that and Iran was inhospitable to Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda was Suni and they were Shiite.

But somehow or other, if you look in terms of the history and look below the surface, that’s absolutely wrong. They were housing Al Qaeda at one point. Who knows what the Taliban is doing? We certainly don’t.

That’s pretty obvious. And we don’t know to the degree the Taliban knew about ISIS-K. Who knew about ISIS-K with a K a few weeks ago? I didn’t. I had to be perfectly honest. It was only ISIS. But then all of a sudden I started to read what this K is.

Leahy: What is this K business?

Simon: Well, it’s Khorāsān Province, which is a province of Afghanistan. First, when I read it, naturally, I thought it was ISIS Kabul. But it’s Khorāsān.

Leahy: Which British official put this order out? Was it the Foreign Minister?

Simon: His name is Haeppey ironically.

Leahy: Unhappy news from Haeppey.

Simon: Exactly. But honest news. We don’t get that for anymore. Can you imagine getting something honest from Antony Blinken?

Leahy: You mean Antony Blinken of Winken, Blinken, and Nod? That guy? The ultimate beta male? Him?

Simon: You are not kidding.

Leahy: I mean, basically, what we’re looking at here, Roger, it seems to me, is the utter submission of American interests to the interest of the Taliban by Joe Biden and his maladministration.

Simon: I asked myself, why would he do that? We all know that Biden’s no genius, to put it mildly, but and fifth-grader would know that he evacuated Afghanistan in the exact reverse order.

Leahy: That anybody with intelligence would do.

Simon: So why did he do that? And I have to go back to just before Biden ran when he said that famous line that was on TV a lot. ‘The Chinese aren’t our enemy, folks.’ Then what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop about China?

Leahy: The FBI has had it for a while.

Simon: I don’t care about his drug habits and his awful female habits. I mean, what a creep. But what’s about the deals with China? I would like to know. And somehow we’re not being told.

Leahy: This story from The Epoch Times, I’m going to read it by Alexander Zhang, published just a few minutes ago. There is a very credible threat of a highly lethal terror attack on the Kabul Airport.

Within hours, a United Kingdom Minister is warned. Britain’s Armed Forces Minister, James Haeppey said on Thursday that’s today, there is, “very credible reporting of an imminent and severe threat to the airport from the ISIS terrorist group.”

The US Embassy in Kabul issued an alert on Wednesday evening urging citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and said those already at the gates should leave immediately.

Simon: Whoah. We’ve all seen those crowds on TV. It would be like a stampede. This is horrifying. I don’t know if it’s going to occur. Who knows?

Leahy: It’s a warning.

Simon: Yes, it’s a warning. And they probably all have spying equipment on everybody’s cell phone. Everybody operates on cell phones.

Leahy: The Brits, however, have shown courage in Afghanistan.

Simon: More than we have.

Leahy: The American military has shown courage, but they have been hamstrung by the cowardness…

Simon: Of the American government.

Leahy: Of the maladministration, the legal but not legitimate Biden administration. Britain and Australia have urged citizens and vice holders not to travel to the airport, where thousands are waiting to be evacuated out of the country ahead of the August 31st deadline.

That’s Tuesday. The British government now believes there is a very “imminent risk” of a, “highly lethal attack,” possibly within Kabul armed forces.

Simon: Of course, that means possibly even what it was called a Shahid or a suicide bomber. Someone walks into that crowd and just blows himself up for herself up and takes everybody with him.

Leahy: Here’s what the UK Armed Forces Minister said. “As a consequence, we’ve had to change the travel advice to advise people not to come to the airport.”

He told LBC radio the possible attack could come within, “hours”, adding the ISIS terror group, also known as Deash is “guilty of all sorts of evil.”

Simon: Yes.  Indisputably.

Leahy: The news from Afghanistan gets worse and worse.

Simon: By the minute.

Leahy: And the legal but not legitimate occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not taking questions and is leaving Americans stranded.

Simon: What do we do about that? That’s a big question.

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