Ohio Nurse Goes Viral for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Melissa Rexroth


A lengthy Facebook post from an Ohio nurse who is set to be fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine has nearly half a million shares, and more than 220,000 comments.

“I’m an RN of 10 years and I am being fired December 1. I’m not political. I don’t watch the news. I do my job and I go home to my family. I love caring for others from every single walk of life and I take that responsibility seriously,” Melissa Rexroth said in a Facebook post written in the early morning last Saturday.

WBNS confirmed that Rexroth is a registered nurse in Ohio, though she did not say where she worked in her Facebook post.

“Last year I worked the floor no one else wanted to,” she continued, referring to the COVID-19 floor. “I have my own medical issues, but I willingly worked that floor. I sat face to face with your loved ones without fear because I trust science when it says the survival rate is greater than 99%. However, I don’t judge anyone who is scared. If I hadn’t seen all the things I’ve seen with my own eyes, I would probably be scared too.”

Rexroth continued, noting that most of the patients she saw last year, even before the COVID-19 vaccine was available, survived the illness and “walked out the door.”

“This year I’m working in the ER and will be fired December 1st for refusing a [vaccine],” she said. “How is it possible that I worked the entire past year, most shifts on said floor, many times without the proper equipment, and without the [vaccine], but today I am expendable?”

The rest of the post echoed a sentiment shared by many Americans at this stage of the pandemic: that taking the COVID-19 vaccine should be voluntary, and not forced upon anyone.

Rexroth is not alone in her protest of forced vaccinations. In fact, nurses around the country have organized and protested such requirements.

Earlier this week, nurses at the Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) protested a vaccine mandate which forces SOMC employees to be vaccinated by September 17.

They shared the same sentiment as Rexroth.

“We are standing for our freedom,” protest organizer Amy Conlon said at the rally. “Our freedom of choice. Whether we want the vaccination or not, it doesn’t matter. We’re all here for freedom.”

Read Rexroth’s full post here.

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12 Thoughts to “Ohio Nurse Goes Viral for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine”

  1. LM

    Where are all of you shot promoters getting your information? Why do think so many nurses – and doctors- are refusing the COVID shots? So we can just be a bunch of Typhoid Marys? No. And freedom of choice is great , and I support it 100%. However, nurses have always been required to have plethoras of true vaccines to keep our jobs. That is not new to us. The reason(s) those of us not getting this particular shot are not getting it are 1. It doesn’t work , and 2. It’s got too many very serious side effects , and 3. Nobody knows what the effects of this m-RNA therapy are going to be down the road. Don’t you people think we have always advocated for our patients? Why would we put them at risk all of a sudden , if we could get a true vaccine to actually keep our patients safe?

  2. JB Taylor

    Gregory has obviously deep throated the blue pill. Employers should have no right to require an experimental vaccine as part of their requirement to maintain a job. No one shold be required to take this vaccine as the side effects are getting out of hand and way to many people are having severe adverse reactions. And obviously it doesnt work to prevent the virus or slow the spread just like the masks dont work.

  3. Dona

    Vaccinated people are spreading the delta virant not the unvaccinated people. Covid vaccines are designed to weaken the immune system and to leech off the coronavirus through their skin. All of you people vaccinated with this death vaccine are all guinea pigs. The testing hasn’t even been concluded and will not be for two to three years before this study is finished to find out the side effects. The FDA had no business at all to okay the Pfizer vaccine. They haven’t even finished testing this is where you people who got vaccinated come in so, like I said you are the guinea pigs. There’s been a lot of people dying from this vaccine some right after getting the job and some a few days later for a week the song get very sick are tired real easy and the list goes on. I won’t be a guinea pig for their research.

    1. Tommy Castaneda

      Absolutely!! Well said! If ppl would put theyre faith where it belongs and not in a supposed vaccine/ man/ whatever the case god is the only one worthy of it! And om sory if ppl are offended but it’s the truith! And we really need to stop bieng afraid to speak it! Enough already! Wake up!

    2. Dan

      My one true regret in life is reading your ignorant response.

  4. Alice

    It’s not safe it’s clotting the blood and it’s messed up the red blood cells look at them under a scope what do you see. Fucked up blood with out white centers

  5. Fathi Ahmed

    No one should be forced to take the vaccine.

  6. Mike Phelps

    Osha is standing behind the employee’s. Holding the businesses liable for any and all remifications from vacination shot

  7. Vicki Price

    The way Biden is going, we won’t have nurses
    or military. That’s what the child momo and
    camel toes and demos. all want. Won’t even protect our military or the people in Afganatan. Put them over there right in the middle of it all. See how long they last. Look at Trump and Military Volunteers are doing. Did they all take the jab, or was it like Satan’s finest ice cream 🍨 queen and forgot very conveniently lol be to take the cap off. Oops.

    1. Gregory

      What she fell to understand is Jobs can change procedures and policies and they’re not taking your freedom you works for them and if they trying to make the Job a safe and healthy work environment and implement that requirement in procedures and policies 5hey have all the right thats why they’re giving you a time line by being the president of ASFCME Union Jobs justify changing procedures policies all the time to get there workers to comply to new rules and remember the ones who are vaccinated complains about the safety of working with unvaccinated people too.

      1. Tom

        By taking the Vaccine doesn’t make it safer, just saying

      2. Judi J

        True and health care workers are the worse at getting the shot if you want your job eat crow be safe you see all this hurt that patients go through