Senior Reporter Laura Baigert of The Star News Network Explains Reports of Dekalb County Georgia’s Chain of Custody Issues


Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  guest host Ben Cunningham welcomed The Star News Network’s senior reporter Laura Baigert in studio to weigh in on her recent report exposing Georgia’s election integrity issues and the problems with Afghanistan.

Cunningham: In studio also to join me as co-host, Kevin and Laura Baigert. The conservative power couple is what I like to call them. Laura is also the senior reporter for The Tennessee Star and she did a blockbuster article yesterday, which was cited by our former president, Mr. Donald Trump, and got a lot of amazing publicity.

Laura Baigert: Yes.

Cunningham: And an absolutely amazing report on Dekalb County, Georgia. Laura, you’ve reported on Fulton County, Georgia, but this is not Fulton County. This is Dekalb County, Georgia.

Laura Baigert: Right. Dekalb County is the fourth largest county in Georgia after the 2020 census. It’s flip-flopped with Cobb County, where Fulton is the largest county by population. So a whole new similar problem with chain of custody of absentee ballots from drop boxes.

So that’s been the theme. We just keep using public records to document that we’ve lost chain of custody of those ballots. And we know that absentee ballots and Georgia were key to the outcome of an election that was decided by only 11,779 votes.

Cunningham: That still is amazing to me. Eleven thousand votes out of I don’t know how many statewide? Several million obviously.

Laura Baigert: Five million.

Cunningham: Five million votes statewide and 11,000 votes decided that race. And I have heard that, like nationwide, it’s only 30 to 40,000 votes in key districts that actually decided the race.

Laura Baigert: And when you look at Dekalb County, we had almost 44,000 ballots that had a broken chain of custody. So when you can’t basically substantiate the origination of those ballots because you broke the chain of custody with them by not documenting the time that the registrar received the ballots from the collection team who retrieve the ballots from the drop boxes, that’s four times or three times the amount that the election was decided by in Georgia. That’s just in Dekalb County for this one section alone, which is dropbox ballots.

Cunningham: And that’s got to be replayed hundreds of times across the country.

Laura Baigert: We’ve already done the same in Fulton. We’ve done the same in Cobb. And we just got a whole slew of files out of the secretary of state’s office where we can dig into even more with other counties just on this one aspect alone.

And other people have reported that people who weren’t registered and had moved out of the county weren’t supposed to vote in the county that they were in or move out of state.

Very tangible things without going into the stuff that happened in the interwebs. Very tangible things that we’re using their own documentation that shows that this, at least, should have a forensic audit, at least on the absentee ballots.

Cunningham: And the law was very clear about the chain of command. These documents should have been documented along the entire chain of command.

Laura Baigert: That’s correct.

Cunningham: And it was clear that they had an obligation to do this clear under Georgia law.

Laura Baigert: Clear. That’s right. And then we have over 1,000 ballots that were picked up out of dropboxes after 7:00 p.m. Well, the polls closed. The rule says it’s a distinction with a difference in this case, that it wasn’t even the law. The legislature didn’t pass this.

It was an emergency rule passed by the state election board, circumventing the Constitution and the state legislature. But let’s just say that that’s what everybody was supposed to operate under. They didn’t even follow the rule.

That’s a real problem. And how this election ended up being certified in Georgia with the information that we’ve had that nobody dug into until this point is just really amazing.

And somebody could be a real hero and back up and go and look at this stuff. Call for a special session. The secretary of state can dig into it further, but nobody’s doing anything right now.

Cunningham: The tendency now is to basically say, let’s move forward. This is old news. We’ve got to move forward. But that’s what they always tell us about all of these issues. Let’s not actually fan out all the details. Let’s move forward and obfuscate some new issues.

Laura Baigert: Right. Exactly.

Cunningham: And that’s what’s so frustrated so many times. It’s a rainy day in Nashville. Both Kevin and Laura, and I drove in from the Northern part of the city. I didn’t get that many wet areas on the road. Did you guys run into any bad areas, Kevin?

Kevin Baigert: No. The traffic flowed pretty well. I didn’t see much standing water on the highways.

Cunningham: It wasn’t quite the apocalypse that we were sold. But we must listen to science! And they can predict the weather, and they can’t predict the weather in two days. (Chuckles)

Kevin Baigert: You just need to wait longer. It’s coming. It’s coming.

Cunningham: The threat is always there were governed by the threats and all these threats in our lives.

Kevin Baigert: Fear.

Cunnigham: Afghanistan, of course, is just an absolute disaster. I don’t know how in the world Biden is showing his face in public frankly. He said we’re going to get all the people out. And told George Stephanopoulos we’re going to get everyone out. He said, if we have to move the deadline, we’ll move the deadline. We’ll do whatever is necessary. The deadline is today. The Taliban are celebrating. Over 2000, ISIS fighters are out of prison and ready to wage war against the West again. So here we are, 20 years later, having spent blood and treasure and the Taliban are in control of Afghanistan, and ISIS is more energized than probably they have been in years.

Laura Baigert: It’ll be interesting because now the Biden administration gets to say that they put an end to a 20-year war. But what’s going to happen when they have to say they got us into a war? Because that’s where we’re at.

Cunningham: Yeah, right.

Laura Baigert: There’s no way that something’s not going to come out of this disaster that’s been created.

Cunningham: Well, Osama bin Laden was inspired by the Russians being beat. And he felt like that was what inspired him to move ahead. And now they have new inspiration now that the Americans have walked away.

Laura Baigert: Good perspective.

Cunningham: And we’ve got to watch and be vigilant. That’s the last thing these guys want to be in this administration. They want to be vigilant against us you know.

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