Crom Carmichael Calls for Toxic School Boards and Teachers Unions to Be Removed and Replaced


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – guest host Ben Cunningham welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to weigh in on Williamson County School Board’s dangerous curriculum and called for the removal of all schools boards and teachers unions.

Cunningham: Crom, good morning.

Carmichael: Ben, good morning, sir. How are you doing?

Cunningham: Good. Robin, we were talking about all the problems with the curriculum, and you guys now are developing some alternatives for parents. And tell us a little bit about that. I know it’s kind of in the development stage, and you’ll have more on that. First off, let’s give your website and how people can get in touch with Moms for Liberty, the national organization in Williamson County.

Steeman: To find our organization, you can go to Moms for Liberty. And at the top, you just click on Chapters, and then you’ll see other chapters listed. And I like to point out that we are now up to six chapters in Tennessee.

That’s Davidson, Hamilton, Knock, Sullivan, Williamson, and Wilson. And I know that there’s talk of Rutherford, Maury,  and Sumner as well. From April to now to be at six chapters is incredible.

And also on this page under Connect With Your Chapter, you can click and then find our Facebook group. And that’s where we do a lot of our are communicating. So email us Facebook us get us on our mailing list for sure because we are getting throttled by Facebook in this current lack of free speech environment.

Cunningham: They’re throttling all conservative groups. It’s awful.

Steeman: And then additionally, what I’ve talked about with the curriculum, we have what we call our online library, and it’s at

That’s willco with two ls. And the pilot in me will spell it phonetically. And if you just click on the curriculum tab, you’ll see the presentation and the documentation that we have for the Wit and Wisdom curriculum.

Cunningham: You were going through the litany of things in the curriculum. a minute ago and all of that is at this website.

Steeman: Correct.

Cunningham: Great.

Steeman: And additionally, our documentation about how this is a failed curriculum. It never passed Tennessee state standards.

And Moms for Liberty, optimistically or naively, thought that once we brought this to the attention of our school board, that they would be in a rush to get rid of a failed curriculum because doesn’t don’t our students deserve better than that?

But really, they’re holding on to it. Were embroiled in a ‘four-point four zero three process, which is a request for curriculum review, and there’s no communication on that. So parents are quite frustrated.

They fought all summer on the curriculum front. As school started, we were helping the parents to opt their children out of the objectionable books. And we continue to support the parents that are doing that.

And you can go to our website to find help with the opt-out toolkit. But then you add in the diversity, equity, inclusion policy that’s on the table, and you add in students being asked for their pronouns at the beginning of school.

Cunningham: What! Now, wait just a minute.

Steeman: Yep. That happened.

Cuningham: Oh good lord.

Steeman: In Williamson County, multiple parents are reporting that. You add in the mask controversy that came back at the 11th hour. More reports of students being segregated by vaccinated and not vaccinated. And then now remote learning seems to be back on the table, and parents have had it. I didn’t think that Williamson County was there yet, but the parents are there. We have a lot of interest in alternative options, which we are working to meet that need.

Carmichael: What is your alternative option?

Steeman: Well, so far, the alternatives people understand are a private school and then they understand home school.

Carmichael: Let me just ask you a quick question. Why does a school board, these are human beings. Why does any group of human beings, where do they have the moral authority to tell parents what they’re going to do to destroy their children?

Where do they have the moral right to do that? And to me, the solution to this is we need to have organizations that want to destroy the teachers’ unions. These thugs who run our teachers’ unions and who run our school boards are terrible people.

They are terrible human beings. They have no right. Think about the moral right. I’m gonna talk about legal rights. Under Naziism, Hitler gave his Brownshirts the legal right to kill Jews.

And so what we have here in the example that we’re talking about in Williamson County, you have a few people who sit on a school board and who think that they have the moral right to poison the brains of children.

Cunningham: That’s exactly right. Beautifully said.

Carmichael: So finding a solution, a workaround to people who are morally depraved, is to go right at them. Right at them and go right at the school board and go at the media who refuses to support and report.

There was an article that I have that I was going to talk about today, not knowing that Robin was going to be on which says there are school board members who are now resigning following the toxic debates.

Well, good. Maybe all school boards should resign in mass. And maybe parents should have the choice to pick which school their children go to.

And if the curriculums in those schools are deplorable and poisonous, then the parents would simply be able to remove their children. Imagine if our government could force us to go to grocery stores that sold spoiled food that made us sick. Imagine that they could force us to do that.

Cunningham: Great analogy.

Carmichael: And the only way around that is to get people reappointed to the committee that gets to pick which food is in the stores. But the people who have that authority are actually paid by the people who make spoiled food. That’s the situation we have now.

And for American families to be forced to go argue in front of a bunch of deplorable, disgusting human beings that call themselves school board members…this is what I’ve been listening to as I was driving in. I didn’t know that.

I knew that our students weren’t proficient in math. I knew they weren’t proficient in English. And for that reason, I’m for charter schools and school choice and have been for 40 years.

But now I’m hearing that not only are our children not learning math and English, what they are learning is disgusting information. Just terrible. Now, by the way, if they are leftwing parents or if they’re parents who want their children to learn about suicide, rape, and all this other stuff, go and form your own school and teach that curriculum.

That’s up to you. I feel sorry for you. I feel even sorrier for your children. But to be able to force that on other people is just morally wrong.

Cunningham: And that’s what they’re doing. And I don’t think parents realize how far we’ve drifted in that direction. We do have a small group of people who are advocating a toxic curriculum that will destroy this country.

Carmichael: Forget destroying the country. Let’s set aside destroying the country. They’re destroying the individual children. And why does a small group of people have the right the moral right to do that?

And by the way, Williamson County. My gosh, if it’s happening in Williamson County is happening anywhere. Robin, I applaud what you’re doing.

But gosh, I feel like you’re having to push a boulder up a hill, and the hill shouldn’t even be there, nor should the boulder be there.

Cunningham: And that is Moms for Liberty. If there is one thing they’re doing, they are awakening parents to the challenges.

Carmichael: What about the legislature? Why can’t the legislature come in and pass laws that make it criminal? Then that way, there are actual penalties for doing something that is against the law.

Not just that you are sued and you go through three years of lawsuits. Why can’t there be criminal sanctions for teaching this? That’s what we need to do, is go to the legislature. And when we need to find out whether or not legislatively unions can be destroyed in this state.

These are terrible people. Not the teachers. The teachers are being forced to do something that 90 percent of them don’t want to do.

Cunningham: Right. This is The Tennessee Star Report. We got so much more to talk about.

 – – –

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