Trump Blasts Political Enemies, Warns About Future of U.S. in Wide-Ranging Interview with John Fredericks

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RICHMOND, Virginia — Former President Donald Trump spent an hour on The John Fredericks Show for a wide-ranging exclusive interview also broadcast on Real America’s Voice Wednesday. Trump blasted enemies ranging from intelligence community leaders to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and criticized President Joe Biden for a decision to leave U.S. military equipment behind in Afghanistan.

“I looked at that equipment that’s left, where you have literally thousands, hundreds of thousands of guns left behind, and by the way, these are weapons that are better than what we have. They’re newer. And the planes, and just from a common sense standpoint, why wouldn’t you fly the planes out,” Trump said. “Just get some people, bring them in,  an let them make their journey back to this country. Go through Pakistan, go anyways you want to go, and fly all of that billions of dollars worth of equipment out. It’s the most incompetent thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trump criticized the 19 GOP senators who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but had special words for specific GOP legislators who criticized Trump’s claims of a fraudulent election after he supported them in their campaigns for re-election.

“They didn’t fight for the election,” he said.

McConnell blasted Trump in the wake of the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot and supported the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Trump said McConnell deserves the blame for GOP losses in the Senate races in Georgia.

“Too bad I didn’t primary him in Kentucky,” Trump said.

He said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) is a “disaster.” He said Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) was “one of the worst” and “a nasty little guy.” He also criticized former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump said, “And we’re very disappointed, obviously, in Mike Pence, because he should have sent it back to the [state] legislatures, which are all now up in arms.”

Fox News reported in February that Pence felt betrayed by Trump’s lack of concern for his safety during the January 6 riot at the Capitol with Pence inside.

Trump also mentioned Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

“Be careful, you know the elections coming up with California, Virginia. You know how they cheat in elections. Virginia governor’s election, you better watch it,” he said. “A couple of big elections coming up, in areas that are very, very suspect. You have a close race in Virginia, but it’s not close if they cheat.”

Trump said he was working with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23) to support candidates for the 2022 House of Representative’s midterms.

Fredericks tried to get a hint of the former president’s future presidential aspirations by asking how many seats the Republicans needed to retake to inspire Trump to run again.

“I actually think it works both ways. If we didn’t win, I’m not sure that my chances wouldn’t be enhanced in a certain way, and if we do win, they will give me no credit whatsoever,” he said,

In an interview on War Room immediately after speaking with Trump, Fredericks said, “The signal that he sent today is, ‘I’m running in 2024 to save America. And he said, ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m going to see, what’s going to go on.'”

Trump issued dire warnings about the direction of the country before that election.

He asked, “Are we going to have a country left in three years? If it keeps going like this, John, you’re not going to have a country left.”

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].








John Fredericks is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Virginia Star.
He is also a Trump 2020 delegate and the chairman of the Trump Virginia Delegation.

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2 Thoughts to “Trump Blasts Political Enemies, Warns About Future of U.S. in Wide-Ranging Interview with John Fredericks”

  1. Sim

    For years we’ve been warned that America would be destroyed from inside, a slow progressive cancer of falling morality, integrity, and an apathy that leaves no one with the will to save America.

    As I watch Biden blunder from one mistake to another, be it the southern Border or Afghanistan, unbelievable huge spending programs and creating a world of future problems,

    I find my self asking the same question, over and over, “Are people really that dumb”???

    They post as if the country Biden is destroying is not their country, but one in which they don’t have to live.

    The illegal immigration is the border states problems, Covid lockdowns/passport are just liberal state problems.

    And the ignorance of the person who helped create the covid crisis is still leading/guiding.

    A CDC and NIH that are controlled by the drug companies, and who make Fauci the highest paid federal employee in Government,

    It’s not his pay grade is that high, but the drug companies make up the difference.

    He is getting “FILTHY RICH” off the deaths of people and children, helping Bill Gates achieve his goal of 1500 million population reduction.

    “Are people really that dumb”???

    America has an old demented President who is claimed to have stole the election,

    And a Vice President that confessed her whoredom advanced her Political career.

    And a vodka saturated speaker of the House who is third in line to be President.

    Great line up, wouldn’t you say, Australia is the only country that could chose a better government.

    It’s bad enough when Government become “ROTTEN TO THE CORE”,

    but it’s a “Death sentence” when the “CITIZENS” of a country become “ROTTEN TO THE CORE”,

    With no Morals, Integrity coupled with Apathy There’s no one left to redeem the country.

    And when Citizens wouldn’t fight against their own Government for their own Freedoms,

    Foreign Enemies don’t believe they will fight them either, just as Japan didn’t when they attacked Pearl Harbor.

    It’s not just the Politician who have “Weaken America”, it’s mostly the Rotten to the core Citizens.

    Congratulation America, we have fulfilled one more prophecy.

    The Bible describes this as a “Falling away”, and no redemption means only the Tribulation can follow.

  2. Kitty Lenoir

    They keep counting those ‘mail in ballots’, days even weeks after the election, until they win, Mr. President. Mail in ballots in big blue cities should be counted and reported first, then count and report election day voting.