Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs Calls on Leader McCarthy to Remove Cheney, Kinzinger from GOP Conference


Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ-05) and more than a dozen other GOP lawmakers penned a letter to Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23), urging him to remove Representatives Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL-16) from the Republican conference.

Specifically, the GOP members of Congress requested a reconsideration of a GOP Conference Rule change that would remove members who accept committee assignments or serve on a committee without recommendation from the Republican Steering Committee or the Republican Leader.

Both Cheney and Kinzinger accepted a position from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) to serve on the January 6th committee, after she rejected certain members proposed by McCarthy.

“Congresswoman Cheney and Congressman Kinzinger defied that request, offering aid to Democrats in their investigation. We cannot trust these Members to sit in our Republican Conference meetings while we plan our defense against the Democrats,” the group wrote to McCarthy.

“As Republican Members of Congress, it is our duty to strategize effective measures that protect America’s foundational values. We cannot allow our party, which stands as a bulwark against the socialist agenda of the Democrats, to be infiltrated by individuals who are coordinating with members of the opposition. Our party’s integrity, and the voice of conservative Americans who voted for us, must be protected and upheld,” Biggs continued in a statement.

Since Cheney’s appointment to the committee, she has been elevated to serve as the vice chair of the select committee.

“It is absurd that a formal rule prohibiting this behavior is necessary, but Republicans must be united to defeat Nancy Pelosi’s socialist takeover of America, and the Republican conference should swiftly make this rule change to expel anyone who has chosen to take marching orders from her,” added Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL-02) who signed the letter.

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