No Update on California Schoolchildren Stranded in Afghanistan


There is no update as of Thursday on the 30 American schoolchildren who are stranded in Afghanistan.

American troops packed up and left the Taliban-controlled nation at the end of last week, ending a nearly 20 year war in the country.

“More than 30 California children are stuck in Afghanistan after they traveled to the country to see their relatives weeks before the Taliban seized power and were unable to get out before U.S. forces left, according to school districts where the kids are enrolled,” KTLA reported Wednesday.

The Tennessee Star reached out to officials at the San Juan Union School District, from which 27 students from 19 different families are missing. The school did not provide an update on the missing children.

Nor did the Sacramento City Unified School District, which reportedly has three enrolled elementary school students who are missing, along with a parent who is an Afghan immigrant.

“These numbers continue to change rapidly. We believe that some of these families may be in transit out of Afghanistan, as we have not been able to reach many of them in the last few days,” San Juan Union School District spokeswoman Raj Rai reportedly told Associated Press on Wednesday.

“San Juan Unified stands with our Afghan community and all those whose loved ones are currently in Afghanistan,” she continued. “We sincerely hope for their speedy and safe return back to the U.S. and back to our school communities.”

Members of the school districts and elected officials in the state are currently working to contact the families.

This story is developing.

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