School Had ‘No Such Record’ of Complaints About Antifa-Supporting Teacher, Superintendent Says

by Kendall Tietz


The superintendent who will likely fire a pro-Antifa California teacher said his school district has not been able to find any reports from parents or students prior to a Project Veritas video catching him boasting about indoctrinating his students, Fox News reported.

Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) Superintendent Chris Evans asked any parent or teacher who had previously notified the school about the teacher, Gabriel Gipe, to reach out again, Fox News reported.

District investigators have not been able to locate reports, Evans told Fox News. Reports going missing would be another concern that needs to be addressed, he said

Phones in the district’s constituent and customer service departments are supervised constantly, Evans told Fox News

“We’ve heard … a student or parent reached out to the school in the district and tried to share these concerns, but we have no such records of that,” Evans told Fox News Thursday. “So if somebody has a copy of an email or something that’s timestamped and dated, I want to see that.”

On Wednesday, NUSD took action to further investigate and fire Gipe, as a result of the Project Veritas video.

The district’s internal investigation found evidence of professional conduct violations dating back to 2018, Evans told Fox News. Some of the violations might have passed classroom observations then, but he said that will change going forward.

“We’re going to have to teach our administrators to walk the walls with their eyes and look for the content on the posters and not just the fact that they exist,” Evans told Fox News.

The district’s school board meeting Wednesday was packed following the announcement of Gipe’s imminent firing, Fox News reported. Parents spoke out during the public comment section of the meeting, criticizing Gipe’s attempts to indoctrinate his students with his personal political ideology.

Evans said he was the one who made the decision to end the meeting following a pause, which was an attempt to mediate the tension.

“We were only supposed to give people 20 minutes to speak,” Evans told Fox News. “The board made the decision that they wanted to hear people out, and as time went on, the energy in the room increased … and then it reached the point where it was no longer safe.”

In the Project Veritas video, Gipe described himself as an Antifa-member who is “probably as far left as you can go.” He said his goal is to use the “180 days (of the school year) to turn (his students) into revolutionaries” and “scare the fuck out of them.”

In a days-long investigation, which looked at Gipe’s classroom and school email account, the district found enough evidence to fire Gipe for violating the school’s code of conduct. Evans said Gipe has the right to believe in what he wants, but he violated the rules when he brought his beliefs into the classroom.

“The teacher’s decisions have sparked this controversy at this time in our country,” Evans told Fox News. “And what was affecting, let’s say on average, 180 kids a year for a couple of years is now affecting thousands of kids and hundreds of staff, and it’s the sad state of where our country is right now.”

Evans said Gipe was forthcoming about his far-left political ideology during an interview with district officials Monday, but denied that three other teachers he worked with “are definitely like on the same page.” Instead, he said he was referring to the idea that other teachers are engaging in the classroom beyond just lecturing.

“Some of the things the teacher said, it doesn’t matter how it’s edited,” Evans told Fox News. “It’s totally inappropriate.”

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Kendall Tietz is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Inderkum High School” by Natomas Unified School District.








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