Left-Wing Website Editor Bites Gretchen Whitmer, Attacks ‘Mealy Mouthed’ School Mask Position

Susan Demas


Left-wing news website editor Susan Demas harshly criticized Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), accusing her of going weak after her refusal to issue a new school mask mandate.

Whitmer has repeatedly claimed she is “following the science” during the coronavirus pandemic, but several of her advisers have recently said their recommendations were to require universal masking in schools and the governor rejected that advice.

That was too much for Demas, the editor of Michigan Advance and a fan of Whitmer.

“We need our governor to stand up for us,” Demas implored in a Saturday column, arguing Whitmer “was never afraid to make the tough calls and issue strict health restrictions last year.”

Demas claimed Whitmer’s resolve has now “wavered” as an election year approaches.

“We need a statewide school mask mandate — and we need it now,” Demas demanded. When Whitmer recently praised school districts for imposing the mask mandates she “declined” to, as the words of the Michigan Democrat Party framed it, Demas called it a “mealy-mouthed statement” that’s “not going to cut it.”

“Whitmer can save her applause and instead let DHHS issue a mask mandate to keep kids, teachers and all of us safe,” Demas wrote.

Demas claimed:

Millions of parents across the state are counting on her right now. The last thing Whitmer should do is let down those of us who have tried to do the right thing during 17 long months of this pandemic.

That would be bad policy and bad politics.

Because sending the message that you’d rather appease the vocal minority of angry, and often violent conspiracy-mongers — who will never, ever vote for you — is a great way to get to your most ardent supporters demoralized right in time for the 2022 election.

Demas is not the first lift-wing official to seemingly criticize Whitmer for her refusal to enact a mask mandate in schools throughout the state. The Michigan Democratic Party deleted a tweet pointing out Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “declined” to issue a statewide school mask mandate.

“Today, Wayne County joins Oakland County in mandating masks for the upcoming school year. The order goes t=into effect immediately and includes all students, staff regardless of vaccination. #GovernorWhitmer declined to order mask mandates across the state,” the deleted tweet read.

Previously, Whitmer blamed the Michigan Supreme Court and Republican legislature for restricting her ability to issue the broad restriction. However, the Sixth District U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Whitmer possesses the authority to enact the mandate.

Whitmer is facing tough reelection odds in 2022, which may be influencing her mask order decision. A recent poll found the incumbent Democrat down by 11 points to a generic Republican challenger.

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Photo “Susan Demas” by Susan J. Demas and photo “Gov Gretchen Whitmer” by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.


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