Tennessee U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Demands U.S. Supreme Court Justice Retire


U.S. Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) has politicized the U.S. Supreme Court, calling for the court to make one radical change and also for one justice to resign before a Republican president can replace him.

Cohen was angry about the U.S. Supreme Court not blocking a Texas law restricting abortion access from going into effect.

“Senators who stole a seat and jammed the Supreme Court with three Trump appointees are responsible for the attack on reproductive freedom and should be ashamed. With this Supreme Court, #Roe is on life support. Women must have a choice concerning their own bodies,” Cohen wrote in one tweet.

Cohen, in another tweet, demanded U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer resign.

“Esteemed Justice Breyer needs to announce retirement so Biden can name his replacement while Dems still have majority in Senate. And Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t influence the Trump/far right faction This is what we learned from Courts failure to protect Roe/women in Texas case,” Cohen wrote.

Cohen, in another tweet, said it’s time to “expand the court.”

The high court in a 5-4 decision last week decided not to block the Texas law, which bans most abortions after six weeks when a fetal heartbeat can be detected and adopts a system enabling private citizens to report and sue people who get abortions after about six weeks or abortion providers themselves.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s liberal wing in dissent.

Recent polling suggests the majority of Americans don’t favor expanding the highest court in the land. Rasmussen found that only a third of likely voters support adding justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile, 55 percent of likely voters opposed expanding the bench, which has remained at nine justices for more than 150 years.

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters in April.

Democrats wanted to add four justices to the court. Republicans were quick to attack the plan, calling it an abuse of power and an attempt to establish a liberal majority on the court, which now has more Republican appointees than Democrat.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “U.S. Supreme Court” by Sunira Moses. CC BY-SA 3.0.




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17 Thoughts to “Tennessee U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Demands U.S. Supreme Court Justice Retire”

  1. Jay

    They have always cheated.

  2. Steve Cohen the clown! The Justice nor America cares not what he wants!

  3. Randall Davidson

    When I hear the word “retire”….first person I think about is Steve Cohen….

  4. jamesb

    this dude needs to shut his pie hole.even if said justice retires ole joe will appoint another goofy liberal. so what has changed?

  5. Teddy

    Time for Mr. Know It All to retire. What a disaster he has turned out to be. He is beyond liberal.

  6. william r. delzell

    A wise idea by Cohen. We love Breyer, but he should step down while Biden is still in office.

  7. More embarrassing than the meth epidemic. He only acts like the moron he is, because he knows how much dumber his constituency is. Until they get a collective brain, he will continue to be what he is and do what he does.

  8. mamushi

    Tennessee’s number one clown speaks again. I may have erred in calling cohen the #1 clown when you throw the cooper brothers in the mix. You make the call.

    1. 83ragtop50

      A three-way tie.

    2. Deborah Lawson

      This compromised Clown is up for re-election in 2022, VOTE HIM OUT !

  9. nicky wicks

    the worst person in TN easily.

    how about he retire and move to jersey or some other liberal hole?

  10. Russ Crouch

    I and many others demand that Cohen resign, it means just about as much as what he is saying. It only makes him look stupid.

  11. Traditional Thinker

    Steve Cohen has proven himself to stand for everything supported of by hell itself. Why he hasn’t been replaced is a terrible reflection upon his constituents. He has successfully led them into the poverty, crime, violence, and desperation by which they live in on a daily basis. His thoughts and actions mirror that of his father satan each and every moment he speaks. God help those under his leadership and influence.

  12. Tim Price

    Who the Hell does Steve “The Worm” Cohen think he is to tell a Supreme Court Justice to retire?

    He is a political hack in the greatest way thinking he has the power to control the outcome of this nation.

    He needs taken down several notches to show him he is nothing in the great game!

  13. SomeDude68

    Democrat Representative Steve Cohen represents what IS happening within Tennessee.

    Realize, Joe Biden only needed to win 17% of The USA’s 3,141 counties, to “win”, and gain all his 80 million votes. ONLY winning the staunch Democrat Party controlled states, and then the most populous counties within contested large Democrat cities within mostly Republican states, like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, & Arizona, etc.

    The Democrat Party only needs to control THE most populous counties in any given state (ONLY the ones with the biggest cities, most Democrat controlled. by now), to control the state’s legislature, and therefore… the COMPLETE state’s direction, Including Electoral Votes, and rezoning.

    Especially vulnerable, are states like Tennessee, where the big cities are ALREADY under Democrat Party control. Where the DEMs are pushing non-educational thoughts into children’s minds, to control their future choices, THROUGH the socialist Dem Party controlled Department of Education and the very schools OUR TAXES PAY FOR!

    Exactly like we see here with THIS story, all from Cohen’s Democrat Controlled Memphis Orifice.

    The Democratization of the states is happening, even more quickly, in states like Tennessee. The counties of, and surrounding, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and, now, Knoxville are CURRENTLY under Democrat Party control; therefore control of their votes, schools, local governmental directions and sentiments, and, soon, our future voting procedures; the SAME “procedures” that “elected” Joe Biden and Hyena Harris.

    Soon, perhaps while advancing in these already Democrat owned areas or by simply adding the Johnson City/Tri-Cities area, they will have all the filthy crime-ridden Democrat Party controlled cities they need, to reach their needed 17%.

    And FLIP Tennessee from R, to D. ~ Poof ~ Gone will be our Castle Laws. Gone will be 2A sanctuary laws, gone will be self-defense laws, and gone will be the recent concealed carry law.

    All in a day.

    Tennessee will turn Democrat Controlled, probably within 7-10 years, and go the fugly, family-destructive, godless, violent-crime infested, self-destructive way of New York City, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Portland, Washington DC, Chicago, etc. As Knoxville and Nashville’s record-setting violent crime-rates already prove.

    Realize, Democrats only needed to control 17% of America, to elect, Joe Biden.

    — You have been warned.

    Take action, Speak out. More fathers and mothers need to get involved in their children’s educations, with regard to school meetings, reading their child’s curriculum, looking at their homework assignments, etc. DO NOT accept things like CRT, and watch OUR state!

    Tennessee is under attack, by the Democrat Party, to control the Presidential Elections and control all our paths. — And it is, absolutely, the wrong path.

    PS: Listen to, Tom MacDonald’s song, “Brainwashed”. If only for the lyrics.
    PPS: Legalize Freedom.

    1. Steve Allen

      So true. I witnessed this happen to Vermont over the 30 years we lived there. We longer could take the scourge of socialism and sought political asylum in Tennessee.

      One has to wonder after the donks got caught cheating in the national election, how long they have been doing this at the local level, thereby gaining control of cities and counties?

    2. 83ragtop50

      SomeDude – Just to add a thought. The rush to uncontrolled growth by what have been conservative areas like Maury County, led frequently by those whom we would identify as conservative leaders, are rapidly diluting Tennessee’s conservative core. Of course, the ring leader in this onslaught is the Tennessee Economic Development cesspool. It seems that all of the generous tax breaks and other incentives are laid at the feet of extremely leftwing operations including Google and Amazon. I abhor the use of such incentives to attract ANY businesses. This out of control growth is costing us in both higher taxes and conservative core values. My stomach turns each time I read or hear about the next big giveaway that has lured more of this leftwing garbage to Tennessee.