Center for Union Facts Launches Campaign to Call Out Teachers Unions for ‘Anti-Student Agenda’ in New Video, Website


The Center for Union Facts on Tuesday launched a new campaign to question the actions of teachers unions, specifically during the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization highlights how many of the large teacher unions fought to keep schools closed and remain in an online learning environment, a move that seemingly hurt students’ learning.

Of the students who suffered academically during the coronavirus pandemic, numerous reports demonstrate that low-income and minority students often faced the most hardships.

“Teachers unions fought to keep schools closed for more than a year. Now that the damage done to students is clear, leaders of the nation’s largest teachers unions have the audacity to claim they wanted to reopen schools the whole time. But they shouldn’t be allowed to rewrite history. Parents and teachers alike won’t soon forget that unions advocated for shutting down schools and isolating children at home long after it was proven safe to let students return,” said Charlyce Bozzello, communications director for the Center for Union Facts, in an emailed statement.

In the campaign, the group explains that unions who pushed to keep schools closed did not follow the scientific consensus, as numerous students demonstrated that schools could reopen safely.

The organization included a sarcastic ad that “thanked” teachers unions for their actions, including teaching controversial lesson plans in the classroom.

“I think it’s great that they are teaching my kid that America is a terrible, racist country,” remarked one parent in the ad.

Further, supporters can sign a petition to “hold teachers unions accountable.”

“For months, teachers unions across the country fought to keep students out of the classroom, despite medical, scientific and academic research showing students and teachers could safely resume in-person learning. This jeopardized the educational and social development of countless children,” the petition reads.

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