Left-Leaning Group in Nashville Says Anti-Black Policies Drive Poverty, and They Plan to Hand Out Massive Sums of Money to the Poor


Members of one organization said a shortage of cash and a surplus of anti-black policies generates poverty, and they want to prove that theory by handing out generous sums of money throughout North Nashville.

Members of that group, Moving Nashville Forward, said on their website that Nashville residents must reassess how they treat the destitute. They said they have raised more than $250,000 from Nashville residents and will use that money to create a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI).

Group members tweeted that in November they will distribute $1,000 per month to 25 families in the 37208 zip code, which includes Germantown.

“We’re starting in North Nashville because Nashville dead-ended it by building I-40 through its heart. Anti-Black policy and racist city planning created the conditions of poverty in North Nashville. Today, we can begin to heal this harm,” Moving Nashville Forward members said.

Anyone in the area who makes less than $40,000 a year may qualify, group members tweeted last week.

Metro Nashville Council member Freddie O’Connell tweeted Sunday that he has invested in the project.

Organizers said they got the idea from a similar program in Stockton, California.

“We are working with researchers from the @UPenn Center for Guaranteed Income Research @PennSP2 and @SteadyApp to deliver the pilot,” Moving Nashville Forward members tweeted.

“After the pilot, we will release a report to continue organizing support for a guaranteed income across Nashville and Tennessee. We know the impact that a #GBI can have from @StocktonDemo. Now we are bringing this home to Nashville and the South.”

According to stocktondemonstration.org, 125 chosen residents received a guaranteed income of $500 a month for 24 months, starting in 2019.

“This income is unconditional, meaning there are no strings attached and no work requirements,” according to the website for the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED).

“A hand up, rather than a hand out, SEED seeks to empower its recipients financially and to prove to supporters and skeptics alike that poverty results from a lack of cash, not character.”

Organizers tweeted that they plan to launch a second phase in 2022 to provide an income to 100 more families in North Nashville.

Jamel Campbell-Gooch co-founded Moving Nashville Forward, according to the group’s website.

Campbell-Gooch is the first vice-chair of the Nashville Community Oversight Board (COB), which reviews allegations of police misconduct, according to the COB’s website.

Several social justice advocates critical of law enforcement serve on the board. Campbell-Gooch has asserted that any police responses that challenge the COB are “a normal racist response to Black people.”

Campbell-Gooch suggested that sharply reducing police funding and making law enforcement officers subordinate to civilian oversight will stop riots.

Campbell-Gooch, speaking of a Metro Nashville Police (MNPD) budget increase, said in June that society founded the police “to catch slaves.”

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10 Thoughts to “Left-Leaning Group in Nashville Says Anti-Black Policies Drive Poverty, and They Plan to Hand Out Massive Sums of Money to the Poor”

  1. william delzell

    You want to give that money to the super-rich instead, right?

    1. 83ragtop50

      Yep. They actually create jobs.

  2. Wolf Woman

    The fallacies in Campbell-Gooch’s defense of this program have been well stated by the comments here.

    Leftists, like the group Moving Nashville Forward, follow the doctrine of Marxist materialism, always preaching the answer lies in money, more and more money The results, after years of government and private charity handouts, has produced a Black underclass that is uneducated, glorifies gangster culture, and like serfs, they are dependent on patronizing over-lords for their existence. Meanwhile, these programs enrich their corrupt leaders like Jesse Jackson, Patrisse Cullors and Morris Dees.

    As a Civil Rights activist from the 1960’s, I have watched the Left, Black and White, take over and manipulate the movement for their political and private gain and destroy lives in that process. Whether Jamie Campbell-Gooch likes it or not, Martin Luther King, Jr. was right about the importance of the “content of character.”

    Moving Nashville Forward may be a well-meaning group but what they want to do will take our city backwards, be racially divisive and make the lives of the Black people worse.

  3. Dr Ken

    There is no such policy that is anti-black. There are policies for personal responsibility and accountability, there are policies holding one legally responsible for their conduct, there are policies supporting meritocracy but there are no anti-black policies. To some it seems holding one responsible, accountable and liable is anti-black.

  4. They can learn about failure for $1. Why spend $250k? And who will oversee the paper trail? Oh, you mean there is no paper trail? (insert shocked face here)

  5. Trefiner

    And how long will it take to make this a tax supported giveaway? Nashville and Davidson county are rapidly becoming no go zones for us who want to move to the area,

  6. Randall Davidson

    Nashville is done for. Tennessee is not far behind.

  7. David Longfellow

    Normal idiocy regarding racsim from this group, but if they want to give away money that’s privately raised (and not our tax money), more power to them.

  8. Kevin

    “Metro Nashville Council member Freddie O’Connell tweeted Sunday that he has invested in the project.” So, Freddie, what’s your expected return on that investment? Reelection? This is the MO that the Democrats have been using for hundreds of years! Don’t forget who the “the Party of Slavery” was and still are!

    Cooper and the Dems all across the nation are panicking. They know that we are on to them. Their only way out is to employee the same old tactics. Buy votes with giveaways, and when that fails, rig the election!

  9. SomeWhat ArKayne

    1) “A hand up, rather than a hand out, ” huh. That fact that you are just handing money out with no conditions or responsibilities by definition MAKES IT A HANDOUT.
    2)” (p)overty results from a lack of cash, not character.” Really. So why is the road to success littered with the remains of rich people who, through their stupid behavior, became poor?
    Wow Nashville, y’all got a real winner with this Gooch gal. She’s a cop hating, race baiting communist who looks the bring Californica to you. Seeing how Cali is such a big success and all.
    No community is ever going to bring it self up by blaming external forces for its internal problems. The Jefferson Street area has had three major “infrastructure” and “investment” programs I know of since the early 90’s. Businesses boomed for a few years then the theft, property crimes and violence caused the business to go under. The process would then be repeated with each new political administration. UBI has failed everywhere it’s been tried.