Twitter Suspends Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance’s Campaign Press Account

J.D. Vance


Twitter on Tuesday suspended the official campaign press account of Ohio GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

Vance, using his primary account, alleged that Twitter provided no warning or explanation as to why the account was disabled.

“No warning. No explanation of what rules I allegedly broke. But this is what happens when we allow five companies to control what we’re allowed to say,” Vance wrote in the tweet.

In an additional statement to Breitbart News, Vance accused the Big Tech giant of interfering in the election process.

“I’m a senate candidate in Ohio, and this was my campaign account,” said Vance. “To me this is election interference—a multinational corporation making it harder for me to communicate with the people of Ohio.”

Vance has continuously been a critic of large Big Tech companies, arguing they have too much power. On his campaign website, Vance details that he supports “breaking up” the companies.

“I know the technology industry well. I’ve worked in it and invested in it, and I’m sick of politicians who talk big about Big Tech but do nothing about it. The tech industry promised all of us better lives and faster communication; instead, it steals our private information, sells it to the Chinese, and then censors conservatives and others for daring to have a controversial opinion,” Vance writes.

“The solution is simple: we need to break up the big tech companies, to reduce their power in our economy and our politics. We also need to ban the theft of our personal information. If they want our data, it’s time they paid for it.”

After the account was suspended for multiple hours, Twitter claimed the account was suspended by an “error” in its impersonation policy

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