All Star Panelist Roger Simon Talks Newsom Advantage in the Unfair Recall Election and the Failing State of California


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist and senior editor-at-large at The Epoch Times, Roger Simon, in-studio to discuss the unfair advantage of Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election and the sad truths that plague the state of once beautiful California.

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Leahy: That was the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris. Former senator from California supporting Gavin Newsom who’s got a big recall election in California going on next Tuesday. Of course, the first question is yes or no? Keep him or get rid of him?

The next question is, if we get rid of them, who do we pick? It looks like Roger Simon, your good friend Larry Elder is leading in that race. I have a question for you, Roger.

What kind of effect do you think that might have on the Larry Elder campaign for governor of California? What effect might that have on the demographics of Tennessee?

Simon: Well, here’s what it is. I got off the plane and I went immediately to a big fundraiser for Larry down in Long Beach. It went extremely well. There were about 500 people out on this giant estate lawn.

And before Larry spoke, and he’s a great speaker, by the way, he’s up there with Trump. In terms of the run, I come I started interviewing the people trying to do my job for at least the first day (Leahy laughs) for The Epoch Times.

You know, what are you people doing here? Blah, blah, blah. Turns out a lot of them had flown in for the event from red states.

Leahy: No kidding?

Simon: Expats like me. There was one from South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, on and on. Anyway, then Larry gives his speech. And during his speech, he noted one of the things that everybody knows is that this year, for the first time, more people left California, then moved in.

And the reasons are obvious. The homeless, the taxes, and every goddamn thing. Then one woman who I knew from South Carolina yelled out, you win and will come back! (Chuckles) The crowd went wild. So that’s how it would affect the population of Tennessee.

People are like, I don’t think it’s really going to. But on the other hand, that was the spirit that was behind the whole thing. And it would affect those populations’ inflows and outflows because people are really fed up with the one-party rule in California and that’s created that outflow.

And here we are in Tennessee. We get everybody knows you were just talking in the last episode about the people arriving in Franklin and needing a haircut from Los Angeles. Not me, because I shave my head. (Leahy laughs) Those are the few parts of life I save money on.

Leahy: The polls on this question of the kick Gavin Newsom out. That’s the first question. Kick him out. But two weeks ago it looked like there were 50/50 on that question. right now. The latest reports are 57-43 keep him. Do you believe those polls?

Simon: Well, first of all, those polls are coming out of The Los Angeles Times, which is about makes Pravda look even-handed In that sense. I don’t believe it, but it’s inundated. And inside the Elder campaign because my close friend Lionel Chatman is the campaign chairman.

Leahy: Talk about your relationship with Lionel.  How do you know him and what’s the relationship there?

Simon: Yeah, well, Lionel and I go way back as Hollywood conservatives. And also we used to do The Pollywood Show together for PJTV.

Leahy: I remember. It was a great show.

Simon: The internal leads in the Elder campaign say to each other, we got to go win 55 percent because the other side cheats. And if you’ve been following what went on the last presidential campaign is if you’re listening to the show, you probably did.

Leahy: They’ve got to exceed the margin of fraud.

Simon: Exactly. So they admit that from in front of each other to make themselves work harder, I suppose. But also, that’s there. I don’t believe any polls anymore because polls or a political weapon, they’re not a real thing.

Leahy: There are a couple of other things that make this kind of an unfair fight in this regard. Number one, the governor asked the secretary of state to send out 20 million absentee ballots by mail. This is all by mail. And, of course, we know vote by mail is prone to fraud.

Simon: No kidding.

Leahy: Yeah, a little bit of fraud. When this guy was arrested, he had,, hundreds of absentee ballots.

Simon: The guy was arrested on the freeway. I always think about that in a dark, comic way. The intersection of the 405 and the 101 in Los Angeles, which is near where this guy was caught, is the most trafficked intersection on the entire planet. The amount of cars that go by their other daily basis here is incomprehensible.

Leahy: Huge.

Simon: The number of them that could be carrying fraudulent votes…

Leahy: Pretty high.

Simon: They would never be caught. Impossible. You could have all the drones flown in from Afghanistan and they wouldn’t be able to get it. Mail-in voting is a fraud. That’s all. It can’t be done.

Leahy: So they had 20 million. Then the way that recall law is set up in California Roger, Governor Newsom can spend and raise as much money as he wants. And there’s no limit on the amount you can spend.

And you know the George Soros crowd is the Hollywood crowd that. They’re just spending probably over $100 million bucks on this campaign. Larry Elder and the challengers get to spend an awful lot less. They’re constrained by the amount they can spend.

Simon: Yes. I think it was $9.7 million.

Leahy: They put a limit on it.

Simon: Which they reached very quickly by the way in donations. But there were PACs around. I don’t think it’s the money so much in this as the corruption and the general sense of the state.

The sad thing is when you go back to California. I moved to California 1968 with tremendous optimism, wanting to be a screenwriter and all that.

Leahy: It was a beautiful place.

Simon: Not only that, it was a fantastically open place. Now you feel like you’re in East Germany. There’s something really weird.

Leahy: There is something really wrong about it.

Simon: Oh, yeah. And also my old haunts in the Hollywood area are so littered with homeless and then weird people and kids on skateboards deliberately riding in the wrong direction. It’s like you’re living in a dystopia. It’s very frightening.

Leahy: Dystopia. The opposite of utopia.

Simon: You got it.

Leahy: That’s a word I first heard almost 15 years ago. I don’t know Roger. Are we in the midst of dystopia right now? Not in Tennessee, but parts of the US?

Simon: Oh, yeah. But I’ve been to both in New York and LA lately. I think New York is slightly better. LA is worse.

Leahy: Why?

Simon: Just the feel of the place, the attitude. And also the pervasive homeless thing under every freeway ramp, over a ramp, everything everywhere gives you a feeling of total depression.

And what’s interesting about it is that locals tell me, and I put this in my articles with The Epoch Times that you start to not see it. If you’re living there, you start to adapt to that as the landscape. Ten years ago people wanted a gun. What!

Leahy: Our closing question on this segment. If Ronald Reagan were to come back and look at California today, what would he say?

Simon: He’d be upset, but he’s partly to blame. He’s partly to blame because he’s the one who deducted money from the mental hospital programs in the state. And boy they need it back.

Leahy: You got a lot of those people that are not quite there mentally, that probably ought to be in a mental hospital that are out roaming the streets in California, causing difficulty for everybody else.

Simon: You got it.

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