President Biden Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements


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Photo “Joe Biden” by The White House.

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14 Thoughts to “President Biden Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements”

  1. […] the statement, Renacci slammed President Joe Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate, which would require companies with 100 […]

  2. […] the statement, Renacci slammed President Joe Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate, which would require companies with 100 employees or more to mandate the vaccine for their […]

  3. […] the statement, Renacci slammed President Joe Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate, which would require companies with 100 employees or more to mandate the vaccine for their […]

  4. WholeyMozees

    If you’re volunteering for 0’Biden’s crap (vaxx, msks, etc) then take a break and go back to school. Study science-based information. And, then, rethink this BS. If you still go along with this BS, then get in touch. I have miles and miles of oceanfront property for sale, right here in TN.

    1. Jean

      Oh, but the White House and Congress and their families are ALL EXEMPT from the SHOT !
      The Governor of Tennessee needs to come out against this tyranny. Wake Up America !

  5. Jean

    The vaccinated are spreading the spike proteins, which is why so many are sick after the push for everyone to get the shot, which is why the Chinese told Biden to make it mandatory, they want us sick and ripe for picking off.

  6. 83ragtop50

    Let’s step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Joe’s handlers like John Podesta have been trying for years to gain control of the health care system. Why? Because when they control your health care they control you. And what do they have to lose by getting old Joe to try to enforce these tyrannical mandates? Absolutely nothing. If the worthless judicial system does shoot them down they have not lost a thing. But if the mandates hold they have accomplished their goal without ever having to get Congress to approve.

    As for me I say that they can take their unconstitutional mandates and choke on them. I refuse to get in line.

  7. 83ragtop50

    Biden, take your jab and shove it.

  8. Wolf Woman

    One big giant step toward totalitarianism by corrupt socialists.

    Will the people resist? The Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s won their war with Passive Resistance. If enough people refuse to participate in the schemes of our would-be overlords, we can win by overloading the “system.”

    Do we have the courage to defy an illegal mandate from a crooked politician? Or will we willingly submit to serfdom?

  9. Mark Knofler

    Ole slow Joe. Good luck with that chief. Reminds me of that Rage Against the Machine tune, “F___ Y__ I won’t do what they tell me” #TrumpWon

  10. Steve Allen

    This is the Battle of Fort Sumter moment for modern America. After the Biden administration repeatedly stated that they would not demand vaccine mandates, what do they do? Is it any wonder that there is so little respect and faith in the federal government, ESPECIALLY THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION?

    The medical industry continues to falsify the data on the number of infections. Hospitals get a larger reimbursement from the government if their patients are covid positive. Remember the reports of people being classified as dying from covid if they happened to test positive even though they died from some traumatic injury like a car accident. Are they still using the bogus PCR test that the CDC says is not accurate and will be discontinued at the end of this year? And then we have the fear mongering of the number of “cases”. Just because someone tests positive (no doubt using the bogus PCR test) but are not ill, they are considered a “case”. And don’t forget the fact that people who have acquired natural immunity through actually becoming infected are still required to get vaccinated.

    This is shear lunacy. I am so glad that the number of vaccinated people in Tennessee is as low as it is. It shows that we are free thinkers and make our own decision about what is best for us. I can hear all of the liberal sheeple now claiming that we are ignorant rubes. You see, that is one of the defining characteristics of liberals, they think they are so much smarter than the rest of us and they need to make our decisions for us because we’re too stupid, while in actuality they are to fools that are being lead to believe all kinds of falsehoods.

    I suspect that in 75 days this mandate will be before the Supreme Court. It is a clear violation of the Constitution. The U.S. Postal Service employees union has stated that they will not allow mandatory vaccination of postal workers. Maybe they should strike, along with the thousand of military personal who also are against mandatory vaccinations. It is becoming more evident every day that America has a diminishing likelihood of making it to the 2024 presidential election without some sort of violent national event taking place. FJB!

  11. Nashville Stomper

    Why should you have to be vaccinated in order to work? If so, why shouldn’t you have to be vaccinated in order to receive unemployment benefits, child tax credits, or food stamps? Or, to be released into our country after illegally crossing our Southern border?

  12. Traditional Thinker

    Now do you wonder if there’s something very sinister going on here? Here are the facts: Covid is in steep decline until vaccine shots come out. We will continue to see its resurgence each time they infect their sheep with future doses. No unvaccinated is a manmade weapon, only the vaccinated. Dementiated and demented Joe has filed law suits with his DOJ weapon to continue the thousand of murders of innocent unborn, however, he acts with empathy about human life when it comes to getting vaccinated? What we should be wondering is why? Population control due to destruction of immune systems when vaccine destroys DNA ability to fight?, this would be a possible theory. Monetary gains from vaccines? Absolutely happening.
    Destroying capitalism to usher in marxism. What better way to do this by breaking the country.

  13. Ms Independent

    Basement Biden can take his mandate and go to well, you know…. This idiot needs to be in jail along with the other criminal socialists