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5 Thoughts to “California Lawmakers Send Newsom Bill That Could Ban Gas Generators”

  1. No problem, they just need to start selling zero emission, plug-in eGenerators.

    When your power goes out, you just plug your eGenerator into a nearby wall outlet and presto…emissions free electricity.

  2. Robert Orians

    The arrogance of tiny little men that think they know all about the world and the way to save it and us . The earth was created by a great Creator and he made it all to balance . Men create Co2 which plant life breathes in to breathe out oxygen . The more Co2 we make , the more greenery will grow in order to balance the earths atmosphere . Meanwhile puny little tyrants rant about global warming when they can’t even tell us what the weather will be next week with any degree of reliability . If this is not enough to tee you off then also know that China is placing a brand new coal burning power plant online every ten days to provide reliable cheap energy for the Chinese people . And they are buying up American coal real estate for peanuts thanks to the green energy profiteers destroying Americas economy .

  3. John

    Congress should send the next Republican President a bill banning California.

    Problem solved.

  4. maggietwin

    Dumb Californians go ahead and leave this MF in office, your state is slowing becoming Venezuela You morons best wake up before it’s too late. Newsome is a dictator, and you are his minions. Vote YES on the recall. Get that slug out of office..