Democrats See Trump Supporters and Unvaccinated as Bigger Threat Than Taliban, China: New Poll


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Photo “MAGA Rally” by Elvert Barnes. CC BY-SA 2.0.






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3 Thoughts to “Democrats See Trump Supporters and Unvaccinated as Bigger Threat Than Taliban, China: New Poll”

  1. […] I see something very troubling in America and I want to get your reaction. Here’s a poll. We have it at The Tennessee Star. This is a new Scott Rasmussen poll. Headline: Democrats See Trump Supporters Unvaccinated as Big a Threat Than Taliban or China. […]

  2. Traditional Thinker

    It’s not about the man made virus, which btw was hand delivered into existence by those like Fauci, Clinton, Bush, (entire family) Obama, Gates,CDC,FDA,FBI etc. pretty much all the liberal and progressive party, and yes even a lot of the closet rhino conservatives. It’s not about the virus, but about the conservative resistance against the New World Order. They hate us and the constitution that represents freedom so much that they’re murdering thousands with their biological weapon bought and paid for by those who we pay through our tax dollars. This evil regime has grown into a monster and gained so much momentum its unbelievable almost. The very reason Trump was so hated was because it set their plan back 4 yrs. Now they feel like its do or die and that’s why we are witnessing the greatest evil against freedom and life itself as we’ve never seen before. Dont be mistaken people, this outrage is not about the virus, it’s about carrying out the plan of what the virus was created to do. Destroy the country, bring about totalitarianism, and silent anyone and everyone who believes in freedom and justice for all. Believe it or not, we are at war from within. A battle against good versus evil

  3. Steve Allen

    As far as fear of the unvaccinated, wear you worthless mask all day and keep getting in line for the never ending vaccinations. The only threat that exists from Conservatives is that they will eventually retake control of America and undo the damage being done by the minions of the anti-Christ who now control America.